Birmingham Feb2017 says #NoMore

Clare Walker Consultancy delivers Freedom Programme facilitator training across the UK. And on occasion in partnership with Freedom Programme Charity. We asked delegates: What would you tell a friend or colleague about this training? This is what Birmingham had to say in February this year…


Impactful, clear, concise, group led, powerful, given me the confidence to deliver.

Parent Support Advisor


Inspiring, funny, thought provoking, empowering, brilliant facilitators (shame about building work noise) just makes me want more, so much to understand, great guide book (facilitator book) helpful guidance, enjoyed roleplays and videos, left me wanting to do more to help, I know this will help women.

AMOS Project Coordinator


I wish I had pressed to go on this training long ago, it is intensive but real. I have worked with DA for over 10 years and learned so much on the course, The Freedom Programme. It will inspire, empower and educate the women I work with, who have trust in me #stopdomesticabuse amazing facilitators, amazing course, thank you so much xxx

Targetted Support Worker


Its Brilliant! Really informative, and a good way to facilitate learning and practice in one, without feeling overwhelemed or put on the spot. They made it light hearted and fun as much as they can as its a very hard going subject.

Specialist Pregnancy Drug and Alcohol Worker


Informative training, insight in to DA. If working in any sector with DA this training is a must. Enjoyable and lots of laughs.



Course very interesting, very informative and useful for delivering the programme or to support victims one-to-one, as gives you a good knowledge and understanding of DA.



* very informative, valuable interesting

* fun

* valid teaching tool

* light-bulb training

* Great knowledge base for people working with vulnerable communities

Strengthening & Family Support Worker


Intense but rewarding, opens different perspectives, great fun, felt better at delivering the program



Very informative, every woman should do it, should be taught at school, great tutors, given the confidence to go out and deliver.



Very informative and presented very well, humor is used well and appropriately to break up the severity and importance of facilitating this course well. Clare and Chris are very knowledgeable and friendly, thoroughly enjoyed this course and I feel confident to go back to my establishment to facilitate this course.

Prison Officer


Hard work but worth it!

Team Manager Drug and Alcohol Services


Very informative, strong delivery, gives me confidence to attempt first go at facilitating.

Prison Officer


Its a good opportunity to learn about relationships. Im happy to attend this, I want to help other people. Thankful for the opportunity, and enjoyed meeting the facilitators and team.

Full-Time Mother


Very motivational, empowering, gained great deal of information and knowledge. The training is powerful, look forward to delivering the programme, and practicing my ow style of flow, thank you

Strengthening Families Worker


I would say it was good. I thought the group was too big, and quite hard to concentrate. I would say the Freedom Programme is an amazing tool.

Project Worker


Interesting course to explore the background of DA/causes and impact on women and children. Good course materials, excellent well informed trainers, thank you Clare and Chris a great 3 days.

Social Worker


I would recommend that all my colleagues should complete this training, the facilitators were amazing and made me feel comfortable in having the chance to practice facilitating, I would love to do the Freedom Forever Course.



Thoroughly enjoyable, interesting, fun, would definitely recommend, great role play, look forward to attending Freedom Forever, thank you.



Well planned, fun and informative, given me the confidence to set up and carry through the Freedom Programme for the women in our area.

Volunteer Family Coordinator


Great training, understanding different tactics and beliefs of dominator, how to facilitate freedom, Im looking forward to start facilitating the Freedom Programme at my trust.

Safe Guarding Midwife DA


It is so grounding, and gets to the grass roots of how to help women understand exactly what they have been living with, like no other DA service offers. If you have anything to do with women and children, either personally or professionally, do this training its amazing.

Support Group Worker


Yes! The training is imperative for me to run the Freedom Programme. It has been excellent, informative, practical and useful. The networking was great, the practice sessions were really useful, the trainers were outstanding, the venue was good, its been fabulous, cant praise highly enough, would love to do the follow on training Freedom Forever.

Support Worker


Excellent training, empowering and thought provoking.

Higher Assistant Psychologist


Although intense, this is a very informative course, facilitators excellent in delivering and presenting examples (real life) and making sure everything is explained, and those that attend are all ok.

Prison Officer


Excellent, very informative and facilitators excellent.

Prison Officer


DO IT! A must- its liberating, excellent quality training.

Childrens Services Manager


Very informative, many lightbulb moments, could relate to every aspect of the dominator and clearly understood how and why. Although at times it was intense and sad, Chris and Clare were able to bring the group back to a humorous view of things. Well done to you both

Managing Director


Yes definitely, I had done the course previously, must be 7 or so years ago, but I was not ready to receive the information, I have learned so much, met amazing people, and ready to get the Freedom Programme to north London. Thank you fantastic trainers.

Attendance and outreach Worker


Its been inspiring, informative, and I feel more confident in talking to parents and teenage girls on the issue. Im hoping to take it into some of the lessons within school, and to support the girls who are going through it, that are in my care. I have really enjoyed the course, and we have learned so much over the last few days, thank you.

Head of Care


Really informative, great way to empower women, great training and fabulous facilitators.



Definitely recommend, professional delivery with humor, honesty, well informed, with a genuine care and sensitivity for women. I really feel inspired to break women free.



Excellent training, delivered using various techniques, group work, videos, conversations etc, excellent information training. Trainers are great, and very knowledgeable, good clear examples, good opportunity to meet new people.

Health and Family Support Worker