Baby P – The Untold Story, as first shown on BBC: 8.30pm 27 Oct 2014. Watch Now

The behind the scenes documentary shown the on BBC regarding Baby P. Gives us no more answers than we knew before. What saddens me is the fact that if that Social Worker, her line manager, and the Dr’s and other health professionals involved had received Freedom Programme training, it could be speculated that Baby P and many others, would still be here with us.

The Serious Case Review that followed tells us nothing new, the social worker who had contact with the family without the tools of Freedom Programme has no reason to question beyond her own observations. The A&E department on the other hand had clear evidence of the abuse Baby P was receiving, but none of it was linked together. After the sad loss of Victoria Climbie the local hospital couldn’t recruit to Consultant posts because of what happened to Victoria. Therefore the recruitment was implemented by Great Ormond St Hospital and then successful applicants would be placed in the Harringay authority – not within GOSH. This by definition left the position of only being able to place Consultants who possibly less experienced, but none the less qualified. This lends to a weak workforce at a high level of practice as it leaves it open to not have the eclectic levels of experience required for safe practice.

The social worker reflecting on how Baby P’s mum was towards agency intervention and with Baby P, all of which evidenced to me, all be it with the clarity of hindsight; it is easy to see what exactly was going on in the home. Her mother openly states that her daughter is manipulative and submissive at the same time – classic signs of someone who is being controlled. It has to be asked why that wasn’t flagged at the time – beyond lack of Freedom Programme training/knowledge? The fact of a significant change in the Connelly household 2 months on the run up to his death, this would clearly suggest to me that the ‘anti’ had been upp’ed, within the dynamic changes in the cycle of abuse.

There is little difference to choose between Baby P’s, Victoria Climbie or Daniel Pelka’s SCR’s and many more whom didn’t come into the national media. These cases demonstrate the real need and urgency for all sectors at all levels get the tools to identify and work effectively with domestic abuse.

DA isn’t going away, while ever we continue to stay with myths and stereotypes, by being alarmed at ‘such atrocities’ and ‘these monsters’, this will continue. Make sure you have the best tools in your kit and book your Freedom Programme training now