Clare Walker Consultancy delivers Freedom Programme facilitator training across the UK. We asked delegates: What would you tell a friend or a colleague about this training? This is what Birmingham had to say in November 2017…

Really informative training, get a good insight into DA and how to empower women in their situations. I found the stats shocking despite working with women suffering DA for years!

Strengthening Families Worker

The training is very knowledgeable delivering DA. The trainers are very knowledgeable and at any time they are always there for support and to answer any additional questions.

DA Practitioner

Yes, I found it fun, interesting and it has empowered me to try and make a change in the lives of those suffering from DA.

Senior Learning Mentor

Its informative, its challenging, it will be extremely beneficial for the families we work with.

Strengthening Families Worker

A fully informative training on the Freedom Programme covering DA and the impact on women and children. Lots of info to digest and need time to reflect. Training facilitators were fab!

Strengthening Families Worker

Yes, the course has been interesting and informative it has increased my knowledge around the different styles/tactics of DA and clearly illustrates the impact of the children on all levels. There were lots of opportunities to put delivery into practice.

Strengthening Families Worker

I would inform a colleague to definitely read the literature sent, in readiness to be proactive sessions.

DA Outreach Worker

Very intense 3 days, theres a lot of info to take in and so much provided for the sessions you will run. I would advise to ask for preparation time in your service before delivering. the facilitators were very supportive and great- thank you!

Service Development

Excellent training, very informative and eye opening about all the personas of The Dominator. Some of the info can be quite intense but we are also encouraged to laugh and lighten the mood when we deliver the training. Its tough subject but realising there is no ‘these women’ and just ‘us women’ is empowering and will help with delivery. Hard work but I enjoyed the course.

Strengthening Families Worker

Interesting and can challenge your thinking about living in a patriarchal society and the way we as women also collude with societies treatment of women in general.


It is important you prepare yourself for this, however your personal experience will benefit you in your delivery of The Freedom Programme. If you have DA in your past, or even a tricky relationship, this can effect you personally and trigger many things, be ready for this.


Informative in reguards to personas of The Dominator. It’s a useful programme to be able to facilitate The Freedom Programme.

Senior Family Assessment Worker

Its helpful to have a comprehensive understanding of The Freedom Programme.

Domestic Abuse Practitioner – Refuge

Interesting eye opener.

Strengthening Families Worker

Very insightful, useful and interesting subject to go on to share with victims in the hope to bring about positive change, and prevent future abuse.

Family Support Worker

Always had a good experience of The Freedom Programme and seeing the difference its made to womens lives. Trainers were very knowledgeable and experienced.

Police Safeguarding

Clare is a very knowledgeable and a good Freedom Programme trainer, and it really improves your knowledge around DA and how to approach our service users.


Very thorough and informative. Enlightening and empowering for all the women of the world, whatever background or experience. Go! Enjoy! Have fun!

Strengthening Families Worker

Totally equips you with the tools, skills and confidence to run The Freedom Programme.

Senior Community and Outreach Worker

Really love the concept of The Dominator and peer support in The Freedom Programme. Love the book!

Mental Health Social Worker

Very realistic, no holds barred sessions. Practical and solutions focused. Enables a victim to recognise signs of a perpetrator and the impact he has on them and their children. Was great to further teach and remind a victim how healthy relationships look and the qualities of a loving partner.

Strengthening Families Worker

The Course provided an abundance of info about DA, and the women who suffered. Overall I enjoyed the course, but felt it was difficult to sit and hear the atrocities my gender caused, even though I wasn’t directly to blame.

Strengthening Families Worker

Great course, informative, eye opening. Valuable experience!

Strengthening Families Worker

I enjoyed the training, it was good to be split into different groups and to learn from others. I feel confident now to deliver the group, and I believe in The Freedom Programme. There was lots of opportunities to share experience.

DA Practitioner

It was very good training. I learned things that will change the way I work forever. The facilitators were great!

Strengthening Families Worker

That I have really enjoyed the training, I learned a lot and it was delivered well.

Strengthening Families Worker

The 3 days were mentally and emotionally draining, although im lucky to not have experienced these things myself, I found myself considering what life must be like for women who are suffering this way. It made me more determined to get it right to give women a safe space to learn this info and for me to deliver it correctly.

Strengthening Families Worker

Very informative, great book and useful straight forward leaflets. time to practise the sessions was useful, thank you

Strengthening Families Worker

A very intense and informative training course that enables you to understand values thoughts and beliefs and how each one can be broken down to excuse the perpetration. It is a fab course that helps to reflect on what our own experiences are and giving us the info to make choices.

Strengthening Families Worker