Here’s a liitle information about a project called Coexist Kenya changing beliefs.

Wanjala Wafula is someone whom I had the pleasure to meet at the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence earlier this year. He promotes himself as a black African pro-feminist, he is the winner of many awards for the humanitarian work that he does, in working with men and boys to help in changing beliefs about women and girls. The key to change is correcting core beliefs.

Its a big ol’ task and it requires each and every one of us to reflect on our own beliefs and make the changes needed. My friend Wanjala and I are akin on the knowledge that this is the only effective, sustainable change that can stop these atrocities the world over. Please listen to Wanjala about his amazing work in Nairobi, Kenya.

Clare Walker wishes Wanjala Wafula every success in continuing to develop Coexist Kenya changing beliefs across Nairobi.

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