Yes that is right! The Freedom Programme Online Course is now available so you can access it where and when you want to!

Freedom Programme Online Course

The Freedom Programme online version provides ultimate flexibility making it ideal for you learn where and when you are ready and at your own pace, which is the best time to learn. Not only that it costs just £10 to purchase your own unique login number – then away you go, login any time in any location. For more information and to register for the online course see Freedom Programme Online Course.

Agencies can purchase it for team development, for their service users and individuals can purchase it for themselves or indeed their children. You can probably tell how zealous we are at being able to tell you about Pat Craven’s latest, but sometimes you just need to hear how it has been for those who’ve actually used it. Here’s some Testimonials from some forward thinking Social Workers…

“I have been working through the ‘FP on line’ with a mum who has a 4 year old daughter on a Child Protection plan. Mum has been having casual relationships with risky adults and placed her 4 year old at risk of sexual abuse. Working through the online has enabled mother to understand how she has been vulnerable to abusive men, has ended all her relationships … and is now able to safeguard and protect her daughter appropriately”

Kelly – Social Worker


“Working through the FP on line with a mother subjected to severe DV has resulted in her leaving her partner, protecting her five children …. preventing them from being taken into care”

Siobhan – Social Worker


“I have been working with the FP online with a mother of 7 children (3-17years). Mother has been in repeated DV relationships. Working through the online slowly has shown mum how she has been subjected to abuse and sexual violence – and she is finally ‘getting it’ ….. that she has a choice?  She has now made her partner leave – and the children are much happier and healthier …. and the case has been de-escalated from Child Protection to Child in Need”

Mel – Social Worker


“I have been working with a mother with the FP Online. The aspect of the Bully has really resonated with her and she has gained a great understanding and awareness of how she has been subjecting her children to violent and abusive men. She is now living alone with her children and the results are remarkable – we will soon be closing the case”

Sue – Social Worker


“Working through the Sexual Controller with the FP Online with a mother who is a sex worker, has completely opened her eyes to how from an early age she has been groomed into believing she had no choice, other than to be controlled and dominated by men. Slowly she is awakening to the fact that she has a choice and is now working towards getting her children back!”

Martha – Social Worker


“I visit my individual families weekly and work through the FP online programme using an aspect of the Dominator week after week. It has amazing impact. The mothers I work with are now getting so much clarity on recognising the signs of abusive and violent relationships …. and are making more informed decisions about their relationships, which is preventing the department seeking legal planning?”

Caroline – Social Worker


For more information about this essential domestic abuse training see Freedom Programme