A unique event mixing training with explosive drama! An in-depth exploration, of what domestic abuse really is and how it really affects the education, social, emotional, psychological, physical & cognitive development of our children. A must for anyone working with children and families in an educational, legal, health or social care setting.

The MORNING SESSION will begin with Clare Walker giving an introduction to violence against women & girls via an explanation of the highly acclaimed Freedom Programme (an educational model explaining the dynamics of domestic abuse).  Following an introduction to the ‘Dominator’, the tactics of abuse, with a particular focus on how those tactics effect every element of our children & their development from conception onwards.

The AFTERNOON SESSION  will start with the play from Certain Curtain Theatre company with their play; Mockingbird High School….which is an empty and dark place. However, in a locked-classroom, deep in the basement, a light still burns. Two pupils are conducting an unusual experiment – the trial of their Mother for neglect and abuse. If guilty, there’s only one sentence – death….An essential experience for anyone working in the field of safeguarding children & family law specifically, but more broadly anyone working with children & families. This explosive drama examines the ‘cycle of abuse,’ sexual bullying, patterns of abusive behaviour and the long-term impact on children.

“A vital resource for anyone where domestic abuse touches their lives, whether it be personally, a friend or someone they work with.” Susan Puffett, Principal Community Safety Officer Salford Council.

“Probably the most important training you will ever undertake” Linda, Surestart

Thank you, this has inspired me to get involved with the domestic violence project , am aware of the issues now”   Deena  aged 15

“Despite working with children and young people who have experienced DV on a daily basis – your production reinforced the impact and damage it has – Fantastic production which needs to be seen by all”
Ahmed – NSPCC

“Very good, really got the point across – discussion at the end very good and gave our young people a chance to ask questions – Certain Curtain very passionate and honest which made it real thank you” Cath – YWCA

LEICESTER – Monday 26th November 2012

9.30 – 3.30

Y Theatre. 7 East Street, Leicester LE1 6EY


All delegates receive a copy of Living with the Dominator.

Lunch & Refreshments provided