Leicester Sept2017 says #NoMore

Clare Walker Consultancy delivers Freedom Programme facilitator training across the UK. We asked delegates: What would you tell a friend or a colleague about this training? This is what Leicester had to say in September 2017…

Eye opening, very informative ad is enjoyable as it could be given the nature and topic.
Family Assessment Worker

The training was excellently delivered, very engaging and interesting. It hit all the points very well, and it felt safe to discuss things throughout. I feel everything was explained really well too.
Project Worker

This training was fantastic and eye opening, the trainer was brilliant, up to date and on the ball. I advise you absolutely go to the next one!

I laughed, I cried, but most importantly I learned so much despite having worked in this sector for quite some time. I know my work with women will improve significantly thanks to Clare and Th Freedom Programme. Lunch was also good!!
Refuge Worker

Yes. I really encourage participation in this course. The unpicking of The Domintor and all the personas is a very positive way of understanding how DA effects us and our children. It will help you gain confidence in your field and also help you personally.

Excellent, informative and empowering training provided in a safe and comfortable environment.

That the course will help you to understand how to identify the signs and different personas of The Dominator. It also gives you a fuller understanding of what victims experience.

The training re-affirmed and backed up everything I learned and could remember from participating in The Freedom Programme group. It was informative and interesting, well put together and particularly interesting for me to be in a room full of women whose roles involve dealing with vulnerable women and to learn how they will use this training.
Web Designer

Positive and empowering, I enjoyed being part of my group, engaging with other workers in similar fields and encouraging one another.
Criminal Justice Worker

I would recommend this course to anyone working with victims of DA. This course was presented in a way that everyone could take part and contribute. It is a safe environment, inclusive and presented professionally, thoroughly baring in mind that being on this training may open up wounds for some attendees. I can see clear planning and management went into delivering this training.

This is so worth doing. You gain a very different perspective of everything you ever thought you knew about DA.You learn how to run The Freedom Programme, and even get to participate in practice sessions which help you understand the format and test for any questions you may have. Also what a great bunch of people, we actually have a really good laugh and enjoyed each other’s insights and company.
DA Support Worker