Maidstone April2017 says #NoMore

Clare Walker Consultancy delivers Freedom Programme facilitator training across the UK. We asked delegates: What would you tell a friend or colleague about this training? This is what Maidstone said in April this year…

Most definitely. I would like to say that this is the most enlightening training ever. I have learnt so much. I actually thought I knew quite a bit about domestic abuse, but I didnt really know enough, as I have discovered. I have colluded with some perpetrators in some instances. The facilitator explained things very well with real examples. The hospitality has been really great. A survivor of DA in the group has been a great source of inspiration & knowledge.

Specialist FSW


Great trainer. If we do the group to help others and it saves one person’s life or changes them to value themselves and have the freedom in life.



I was quite nervous about attending this training as I dont like role play and thought that it would involve this.I couldnt have been more surprised about how much the trainer involved everybody and nobody was put on the spot.I have really enjoyed the 3 days and look forward to putting the Freedom Programme into practice.

Family Support Co-ordinator


Hard work, but fulfilling. I have helped facilitate the course but now feel more confident to facilitate myself. Lots of resources and signposting and fantastic! Aside from Clare’s knowledge that I can use to make the sessions more interesting, lots of ideas to take back to the office & suggestions to make. Plus re-affirmed that what we were doing was right. Clare’s an excellent trainer!

Groups Facilitator


Its an eye opener! Incredible experience with many different characters and backgrounds sharing stories etc. Very focused and intense but an invaluable learning tool. Inspiring and incredibly comprehensive. I would recommend it to anyone, Clare is AWESOME!



A very informative 3 day training course, our facilitator was/is a headful of knowledge. We are leaving this training equipped with tools to aid us as we now set up our own freedom programme courses. THANK YOU J



Take away so much knowledge- its hard hitting. More in depth information, networking with others within group. Lots of knowledge and experiences within the room. Great programme, great experience. Thank YOU!

Early Help Worker


Absolutely!!! Would/will tell everyone I know!!! Your delivery of this course is absolutely amazing, outstanding, informative and incredible. Your experience and knowledge is just truly mind blowing. Clare you are so professional as well as being so knowledgeable and approachable and fun. The chocolate, flapjacks, sweets and lunch were wonderful additions to the day. Thank you so very much J

Student Trainee Councillor


Fantastic, invaluable training! Very informative and should be available to everyone.



Great value for money, great food and refreshments, great practical experience of facilitating the group, good resources, great networking opportunity, incredible experience. Presented at good speed to allow understanding, plenty of time to ask and discuss, plenty of knowledge sharing.

Marac IDVA


Great value for money, knowledgeable trainer (with personal experience), very current, great resources, would like to do further training, I feel confident and knowledgeable in conducting the training, I feel I will be supported even after the training.

Community Project Officer


Amazing experience I have learnt so much over the last three days, its been an emotional journey but one I have felt ready to take for sometime. I cannot wait to get out there, to make changes and empower women.

Family Support Coordinator


Very informative, Clare is down to earth and a fantastic trainer. \the colleagues on the course were also friendly and supportive. It opened my eyes to my own personal contradictory beliefs and unconscious bias. Well done Clare!!



Empowering, educational, fun, worthwhile, excellent networking, funny- brilliant food! INSPIRING. Thank you.



Yes, I would recommend to friends. I would make them aware of the benefits and tools this training can give to women living with a dominator.



Brilliant, eye poppingly challenging, great, inspirational. Well ran and very organised. Great food! Lots of helpful ideas, I was made to feel very welcome. Thank you!

Social Worker


Yes. I have had an amazing 3 days. Some of it has been very difficult and moving, but it has been mixed with lots of laughter. Clare has been knowledgeable and shared this to the group. Thank you.



It is invaluable – think you know about DA? DO IT and learn!!

Substance Misuse Specialist Nurse


Great interactive course, great facilitator, great food, safe learning space to share stories, experiences and views.

Domestic Violence Support Worker


I have loved every minute of the course I bonded with every person on the course, and was made to feel comfortable and relaxed by Clare. I have learned so much. I cannot wait to run this programme myself. Thank God for the Freedom Programme.

Support Worker


Very informative. You gain a much deeper understanding about DA of the effects of the dominator. You will learn a lot of information about DA which can improve practise in a positive way. The best part is hearing experiences from other people, sharing, laughing and nearly crying! The trainer is wonderful and knowledgeable !!