Purchase your Mr Right Mr Wrong Fridge Magnets for your agency or organisation.

Mr Wrong Mr Right Fridge Magnets

Make sure you’re never too far away from your at-a-glance list of positive and negative behaviours by purchasing your own set of Mr Right Mr Wrong Fridge Magnets. At £5 per set, who can afford not to have any?

Agencies can buy them to give to their clients or indeed to brighten up their staff kitchen? Not only will you be able to keep on track with those visual reminders in your home, but you can also gain peace of mind that your £5 goes into the pot of the Freedom Programme Charitable Trust.

FPCT is a much welcomed invaluable resource that is open to any woman across the UK via the helpline which is there for you 24hrs a day 7 days a week, for anonymous support and a listening ear you can call on 01942 262 270. FPTC also funds delivery of Freedom Programme support groups for women in various locations. So, need a reminder to keep you on track? Just want to give something to support others? Buy a magnet