Clare Walker Consultancy delivers Freedom Programme facilitator training across the UK. We asked delegates: What would you tell a friend or a colleague about this training? This is what Newtown had to say in January’s one day training 2018…

Definitely as an intro I found it really useful, it reinforced and supported the knowledge I had. It will enable me to add another layer to the support I give clients.
Community Support Worker

A really good training course that looks at the different types of abuse that the Dominator utilises.
Refuge Support Worker

It is a useful tool. It gives the opportunity for people to look in depth at the dynamics of relationships that are abusive.
Refuge Support Worker

Very good at looking into depth about domestic abuse and the dominator whilst unpicking all his personas, and the areas in which lightbulb moments can occur with our clients.
Refuge Support Worker

Yes, I found the training informative, was done at the right pace and enjoyable
Support Worker

I enjoyed it and benefitted from the group. Would recommend 
Community Liason Officer

That it is worthwhile attending, it gives you time to think about the clients perspective and to reflect on our current practises. I feel it captures DA from a new angle.
Team Leader

Great insight into the Freedom Programme, I felt it was intense but enough laughs along the way to cope with it. I learned a lot and found it useful
Community Support Worker

It was comprehensive, covered a wide range of additional information on DA and its effects and causes.
Community Support Worker

It was very interesting to see the useful techniques to use with clients. It also raises awareness and develops knowledge.
Refuge Support Worker

It was very useful and gives a good understanding of the Freedom Programme so you could in depth explain it to the clients you are referring on to it. Also it gives you a further insight to DA.
Refuge Support Worker

Interesting and thought provoking. I gained info about DA and the Freedom Programme and the trainer was very good

I found it very useful and I actually enjoyed it!
Community Projects Manager

Come and do it!! Friendly, interesting and worthwhile
Refuge Manager

Go on it! Get a better understanding of how to help yourself, your friends, your family, your colleagues and your clients.
Finance Officer and Administrator

Good and informative, helps to reflect on what a healthy relationship is. I would lie to learn more about the course once my colleagues do the 3 day course
Refuge Support Worker