Here’s some great testimonials from staff and support workers 3 Day Freedom Programme domestic abuse training in Nottingham Nov 2014

Delegates were asked; “What would you tell a friend or colleague about this training?”


“That it is amazing, invaluable, encouraging, informative and a very useful tool for any worker.”


“I would encourage them to attend this programme/ training as an effective way to increase their knowledge of domestic abuse. It was run in a relaxing and welcoming manner. I felt comfortable and safe to speak out. Clare was able to keep us all focused and interested in the programme. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of this training group.”
Family Support Worker


“Very informative. Relaxed atmosphere to learn, chance to learn about DV, develop skills and confidence. Also a good opportunity to network with other agencies and get advice! Clare was a great facilitator, she explained the course content very well, she was very supportive.”
Family Support Worker


“Get yourself booked on the course ASAP. This course helps you to understand DV better/deeper. Better understanding.”
Youth & Community Worker


“Very informative, very relaxed. Clare used ‘real’ words not jargon. DO IT!! It is really relevant to my job role and I feel it will improve my practice.”
Life Skills Facilitator


“Yes- extremely interesting course- delivered in a relaxed manor. Brilliant to network and hear about other services. I have been waiting 2 YEARS to come on this course!! Thanks for feeding us.”


“Gives a greater understanding of the different personas of abusive people, good knowledge base for delivering the programme, great to be around others who understand the work we do.”
Life Skills Facilitator


“Course is informative and good opportunity to reinforce our work practice with S.U. good chance to network with other organisations colleagues. Great opportunity to let others know about WAIS services.”
Team Leader


“If you get the chance to attend tis training, it is a must! The information shared and the knowledge gained will benefit my day to day practice with children and young people with disabilities and their families. I was on the training a colleague dropped out… I’m so glad she did! Thank you Clare.”
Clinical Lead


“A good foundation for professionals wanting to know more about perpetrators of DV. Less in depth though, than I anticipated (perhaps as I work at a DV specialist agency). Thank You.”
FP Cooirdinator


“I would like them to attend these events, because its really useful for a better life and future.”


“That it can make some sense of what has been happening in their relationships, when working with women, living with domestic abuse. I would tell a friend how it changes your perception of our society and how male/dominator orientated it actually is.”
Support Worker


“That they should complete it! It was informative with the right balance of heavy/fun times. That it will support schools in changing the lives of some of our families for the better. Clare’s delivery, which was sensitive, and well managed- LOVED IT!”
Deputy Head


 “The course is very informative, would recommend, great course.”

Support Worker


“Very knowledgeable training for professionals who do not work in DV and those who do. Friendly atmosphere and good opportunities to speak out and ask questions. Overall a great few days.”
WAIS Support Worker


“Gives you a good basis in how to the deliver the programme- but recommend that you undertake DV awareness raising training also and carry on learning- this will not make you an expert.”
Head of Services


“The training is an eye opener, whatever you thought you knew about DA, there is so much more to learn. It was great to network and share experiences with other professionals. Clare is a great trainer!”
Family Support Worker


“Very informative, interactive and thought provoking.”
Family Support Worker


“Gives a good idea of what DV is, however could go further into depth.”
Womens Safety Worker


“Worth while training.”
Case Manager


“Excellent opportunity to gain more knowledge about DV and The Freedom Programme.”
Family Support Worker


“Really enjoyed the course, very useful and very nice. Im glad I attended the course.”
Debt Benefit Advisor


“An excellent programme to attend to learn and understand about the dominator and how he has power and control over our lives. How to recognise and understand the impact upon us and those in our lives as well as how to empower ourselves to be free and value myself.”

Operations Service Management


“YES! Worthwhile and productive, it gives you a good insight. It was a good networking opportunity and we were able to share experiences and good practise.”


Parent Support Worker


“Do it as soon as you can, it will improve the support you give to the women your working with.”
DA Support Worker


“It was very informative and understood how to facilitate groups more than before.”
Rise Support Worker


“That it is very informative. Worth while and will enlighten and expand peoples awareness and knowledge around DV.”
DV Prevention Officer


“Extremely informative. Offers a great understanding and knowledge about DV and how to support victims.”
Key Worker