Because it’s human behaviour the tactics and impacts are familiar to us in our lives. The difference with perpetrators of domestic abuse is that their motivation is to gain power and control over another. The Freedom Programme format for training purposes is drawn from the stereotypes of female victim and male perpetrator, but is applicable to male victim/female perpetrator and same sex couples. This training is appropriate for any groups of people regardless of age, gender, lifestyle, race, religion or culture.

See the personas graphic Freedom Programme Personas



The Bully smashes things, shouts, glares & sulks

The Badfather uses the children to control you

The Jailor cuts you off from your friends

The Liar blames you, drugs, drink, stress etc,

The Persauder threatens to find you wherever you go

The Sexual Controller expects sex on demand

The King of the Castle never does his share of the housework

The Headworker makes you feel ugly and useless.



The Friend Is cheerful and consistent

The Liberator welcomes your friends and family

The Confidence Booster tells you you’re competent

The Negotiator takes responsibility for his their well-being & happiness

The Truthteller admits to being wrong

The Goodfather is a responisible parent

The Partner shares financial responsibility

The Lover accepts that you have a right to say “no” to sex

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