Bespoke Partnerships and Collaboration Projects

Clare Walker Consultancy offers Bespoke Partnerships and Collaboration Projects through a flexible approach to DV consultancy and training with a broad range of expertise and experience CWC is able to offer a range of Bespoke training packages and a variety of options for working with Schools, Charities and Organisations.

If Clare Walker Consultancy’s training packages and other services do not meet your or your organisations needs, CWC can offer alternatives such as Bespoke Partnerships and Collaboration on a variety of funded projects and training packages. Maybe this is more of what fits with your service?

Whether it is bringing your areas of work together with that of CWC’s to make a full package or whether you need something covering on the topic of domestic abuse within your training workshops or events or indeed a funding bid for a one off project. If domestic abuse is the missing link for your packages, events or services, contact Clare Walker Consultancy to discuss.

Some, previous projects and ventures include the Black & Blue Monolgues a comedy Event led by Clare Walker as part of Dave’s Comedy Festival in Leicester, A Crimestoppers a project called ‘Behind Closed Doors’, which aimed to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse, Bespoke Safeguarding Training, LCAPFGC Domestic Abuse Training, School sessions, Community groups.