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Clare Walker - domestic abuse expert witness

Clare Walker Domestic Abuse Expert Witness

Since 2014, Clare Walker has been a Domestic Abuse Expert Witness in tribunal courts working with clients who are going through Immigration and or Asylum procedures whom are also claiming to be victims of domestic abuse. This process is being more & more requested in other court processes too, especially the family courts.

The process involved in which ever context is a confidential assessment meeting held with the client. Any 3rd party evidence the client has and is able to share, are also forwarded to Clare. A report is then created giving Clare’s expert opinion and assessment of the clients experiences, from content, context & presentation. Additionally if required too as an Clare will attend court Expert Witness for any further questioning to qualify the content of the Report. In some cases the clients Solicitor will apply for Legal Aid under the heading of ‘exceptional expertise’ pt 2.2b. More often the client has to pay themselves, directly.

On occasion some clients have not been victims – but very few – which is why the role of an Expert Witness on Domestic Abuse, is very much needed. Even with professionals who are experienced and best intended within their role, all to often unwittingly collude with the perpetrator. A lot of the clients Clare has met with have experienced significant levels of domestic abuse including sexual violence, Modern Day Slavery, Sexploitation and Human Trafficking, be they British born or not.

These clients and their experiences are often under the radar from the Home Office and local services, leaving them with an increased vulnerability in the fact they are often voiceless and invisible. This can be due to their immigration status and or the levels of trauma they have experienced – more often than not exacerbated by misinformed agencies.

If you are someone who identifies as being a victim of domestic abuse and need an Expert Witness to qualify that, or you are working with clients who are stating to be victims of domestic abuse; going through court processes Please get in touch

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