Support Group

A key part of CWC services includes facilitating Freedom Programme Support Groups for Women living with domestic abuse.

Between 2003 – 2011 I set up, delivered and led the 1st Freedom Programme women’s support group in Leicester, now Clare Walker Consultancy is pleased to announce a new Freedom Programme Women’s Support Group in Leicester, starting September 2015. see Support Group leaflet for more information.

Freedom Programme Women's support Group

We already know the powerful impact the Freedom Programme can have on a victim’s life, in changing people from victims to survivors. We also already know that a victim won’t apply the Freedom Programme to their own past or present unless it is the right time on that person’s life journey to do so. The impact of not having availability to victims for when that right time arrives, can be damming. This can leave victims vulnerable to further abuse or new abuses from a new abusive partner; ultimately they could even end up being the subject of a homicide review or having had children removed.

All women are actively welcomed to the Freedom Programme Support Groups. We never give advice or tell a women that she should leave. If it were that easy, she would have already left. Judgemental statements such as ‘I would never let anyone do that to me’ or ‘this has never happened to me’ is simply not acceptable.

The programme is for 12 weeks, each session is 90 minutes long with an additional 30 minute comfort break. It is a rolling programme, so that women can miss a session and do it later, when they are ready. Some women take years to attend a full 12 weeks.

Every women will be given a copy of Living With The Dominator and the supplement The Freedom Programme Home Study Workbook on arrival to their first session. This is to enhance learning. Clearly she will know if it is safe to take the books home or to leave them with the facilitator.

Facilitators refer to all women as ‘us’ and would never use the dreaded words ‘these women’.

These programmes are only for the women who attend them, observers are not endorsed.

Any woman can call the contact numbers on my website to be told when and where the next session will be held. There won’t be any intrusive questions of experiences, referral forms or risk assessments to complete before a woman is ‘permitted’ to attend.

If you require any further information see the Support Group leaflet or Contact Clare Walker Consultancy on:

Office: 0116 2701935
Mob: 07910 371045
Follow me on twitter: @clarewalker3