Hear’s just a few testimonials from staff and support workers following 2 days Freedom Programme domestic abuse training in Swanscombe, Kent in  March 2013.

Delegates were asked; “What would you tell a friend or colleague about this training?”


“The Course is brilliant for getting a deeper understanding of the “Dominator” and his tactics to help identify them in the future and understanding the impact of abusive relationships on everyone in the household.”
Family Support Worker



“This training is vital in helping others to understand and come to terms with what has happened to them. It is fundamental to those who work or are likely to work with victims of domestic abuse. I consider it as one of the most valuable pieces of training I have ever done. Considering the subject it was made fun and enjoyable. Facilitator was very knowledgeable and made it fun!”
Family Support Worker



“What inspirational training! Clare is knowledgeable without being a know it all. Great opportunity to examine this topic in depth – this will assist my work with abused adults and children.”
Community Social Worker



“Clare has been an informative, inclusive, warm and humorous trainer. I already knew quite a lot about domestic abuse but this training has allowed me to consolidate all my knowledge and I feel I will be a more effective worker as well as being able to deliver FP.”



“That it would be a great way of gaining knowledge and information to see where to support our service users around issues of domestic abuse.”
Support Worker



“I thoroughly enjoyed the training, the rest of the group were friendly and had a lot of knowledge about domestic abuse that I learnt from them. I feel more confident about talking to parents about domestic abuse and look forward to delivering the Freedom Programme. Thank you”

Family Liason Officer



“The training is very informative & the information is given in easy to understand terms. I would highly recommend friends and professionals to attend as it has enabled me to identify signs of domestic abuse which I had previously not noticed.”
Early Intervention Worker



“The training allows you time to look at your own beliefs when looking at domestic abuse. It is a safe place to discuss all issues with no judgemental evaluations. I found it to be inspirational and Clare made even the most difficult parts of the training workable.”

Early Intervention Worker



“This course has made me even more aware of the issues surrounding women in domestic violence situations. I hope that when I facilitate this programme I can give one woman the confidence to be free of DV, I will have done my job.”

Early Intervention Worker


“Yes, everytime! Clare shared her knowledge very sensitively and allowed workers to do the same. Watching the DVD at the end made/helped me identify different traits of the dominator. Empowering! J”
Project Worker



“Absolutely briiliant – relaxed atmosphere. Excelleant facilitator. Would recommend to all in the field – particularly if they have no experience of domestic abuse. A definite ‘must’, would like to see it presented to the male population.”
Team Leader



“This training is both relevant for facilitating a Freedom Programme and for working on a 121 basis with families. Throughout the course I could readily identify with the theory and match it with workplace experiences, Clare was very informative, friendly and approachable.”
Family Support Worker



“The different persona’s, the qualities and the tactics used. I would definitely recommend the training to open up your eyes to real life situations and how women feel – that they must comply to certain things.”
Community Involvement Worker



“Focus is education, not therapy – very good.”
Early Intervention Worker


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