Clare Walker Consultancy delivers Freedom Programme facilitator training across the UK. We asked delegates: What would you tell a friend or a colleague about this training? This is what Derby had to say in March’s training 2018…

 Very informative, with lots of ideas for delivering the programme. Very well delivered! It’s a hard subject to deal with but the more awareness that can be put out there the better

Family Visitor

This is a wonderfully informative and intense experience. Im inspired and excited to have taken part. It gives me hope to know that so many women will be taking this training and making a difference in the lives of vulnerable women


It was absolutely amazing, very empowering! My passion grew even more! I would recommend everyone does it, I feel so ready to help others- I cant thank you enough Clare!


The training gives you the chance to learn and gain insight into the complexities of DA in a focused and interactive way. You will learn a lot in a relatively short amount of time. Its intense, but thought provoking and will give you tools to run your own programme

Outreach Worker

Its intense, complex at times and gives you the theory to the behaviours. The behaviours link to the dominator and the victims, the patterns of behaviour and understanding them. Im feeling confident to support the women I work with, and hoping I can be a stepping stone in their journey to freedom!

Youth Worker

I would inform them how educating, inspiring and empowering the course is. It gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your life’s experience and how you feel in correlation. Thank you!

Senior DA SW

I would tell them that I felt I have gained knowledge and understanding of how to deliver the programme. It was enjoyable and dare I say fun at parts! I had a great experience with the two fantastic facilitators! Thank you for this opportunity

Family Visitor

I would tell them that the course is quite intensive at times and you need some self care through the three days. I can testify that it is absolutely worth it! The training gives an excellent insight into DA and explains something that seems inexplicable! I really enjoyed learning about me

DA Practitioner 

Id absolutely recommend the training, I genuinely believe it is essential for when working with victims, but families, to identify dynamics and understand behaviour. The three days may seem overwhelming at first but you will see once you get in to the swing of things that’s it’s the most natural process and learning you will ever have! Thank you

DA Practitioner

Its inspiring and intense, absolutely worth doing. You will learn a lot for yourself and for those who you work with

DA Co-ordinator

Its a programme not to be missed. It is emotional, empowering and every woman and man needs to learn from it! Thank you so much

Social Care Provided

The programme is amazing. The things learned could have a massive potential to empower and safeguard women and children experiencing DA


Excellent, but emotionally challenging course. Expect to feel every emotion and open your eyes to what you knew already but didn’t believe

SW for Young People

Definitely. It will really help me explain further to the women that the abuse is categorically not their fault, and there was nothing they could have done to prevent it. I can inform them of the tactics, and give them the best chance possible to live an abuse free life. Thank you

DA Outreach Worker

Its an informative, thought provoking yet inspiring course. You will meet some great people and professionals from many fields. You will explore topics from different outlooks and it will empower you to want to help others

Project Manager 

Do it, worth it- EXCELLENT


Yes I would recommend anyone engaging on one-to-one basis with families. It is empowering and gives you an immense insight into the tactics, behaviours and beliefs

MAT Personal Advisor

We have four volunteers that we will definitely book on to your October training!
Chair of Charity 

Empowering, challenging, inspiring, information packed and fun. Wonderful to meet so many women who want to make a difference. Friendly and knowledgeable trainers


Its hard but very rewarding

Volunteer Project Worker

Very informative and gives you the knowledge and confidence to deliver the course and to empower women!

Children’s Practitioner

Very informative, empowering, eye opening, facilitated well, definitely worth doing


That its informative, empowering and gives the tools to be effective advocates for the women who need it

Project Worker

Amazing. Well put together, informative and educational. I feel empowered with knowledge and ready to get it out there and into practice

Support Worker

I think the Freedom Programme is fantastic and really beneficial for victims and survivors of DA

DA Outreach 

It is an insightful course and whether or not youre a survivor of DA, there is a lot to learn about relationships. Gives you better knowledge for filling out DASH forms.

Strengthening Families Worker

It’s the best training you can go on to be able to educate women about DA and to be able to deliver The Freedom Programme. It changes womens lives and saves womens lives- it saved and changed my life!

Unite Union Rep

Very informative and helpful. I now know I can do my work more effectively. The facilitators very so helpful and clear with delivery and instructions. I would encourage everyone to come on this training!

BAMER Worker

The 3 days were very hard but extremely informative. It covered all areas of DA and I feel overall more prepared to support the families I work with

Family Support Worker

It is very intense but gives you such clear and informative information that its worth it! It’s a great opportunity for you to meet people and network

Family Support Worker

Insight into DA and fantastic training. Cant wait to role out the programme!

Family Support Worker

Go on the training! Not just for the women and families you work with, but for you. Its so empowering!


Very informative, great facilitators, insightful, heavy going at times, very worthwhile

Education Welfare Officer

Although it is intense, its so informative you can take it. Its an amazing 3 days, I felt welcomed and comfortable with everyone there. The facilitators are fantastic, funny and full of golden knowledge. Thank you all so much


The training is really eye-opening. To be completely honest I hadn’t the greatest view of The Freedom Programme, that it was men hating and negative, I WAS SOOOO WRONG!!! I will return to my service and book on all my colleagues!

Drop-in Facilitator