Workforce Development

1 in 4 women Suffer Domestic Abuse

The Freedom Programme Domestic Abuse training is essential for Workforce Development. Have you noted regular sickness patterns in your workforce? Are you looking for something to increase productivity within your workforce? Are you a conscientious employer/manager who wants to support your staff in as many ways as possible?

Did you know 1 in 4 women will have experienced domestic abuse in their lifetimes and 1 in 6 men?

Whatever the diversity and volume of your workforce there is a significant likelihood that you have victims of domestic abuse working for you. The Freedom Programme training enables a learning and safe identification of an individuals status. As an employer, this gives you the insight and capacity to understand and appropriately support your staff. Many employers will give staff members time off for them to attend the Freedom Programme But that would only be in cases where things have come to light and the employee has been unable to not discuss with their employer, what is going on for them. Imagine how productivity could be increased & employee’s feel supported if the whole workforce got this education. Reaching out and creating light bulbs that people didn’t even know they had – but that would ultimately effect their disposition and create better working practices.

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