Here’s some great testimonials from staff and support workers following 2 days Freedom Programme domestic abuse training in Walsall, Sept 2015.

Walsall Freedom Programme Training September 2015 #NOMORE 2015

Walsall Freedom Programme Training September 2015 #NOMORE

Delegates were asked; “What would you tell a friend or colleague about this training?”

“This training expands your knowledge of domestic violence, its impact and the way we perceive the victim and dominator. It dispels myths and explains in a way that all who attend can understand. It also unpicks all the areas in a sensitive way. I will recommend it to everyone.”

Child Intervention Targeted Worker


“A very informative and thought provoking course that has highlighted the different aspects of the faces of the perpetrator, their thoughts and values, belief’s, where they originate from and how they are reinforced within society. I shall be sharing the book and contents with friends. The course itself was well presented with a friendly and professional approach.”
Family Support


“A well-presented, informative course that has given me the knowledge/skills to support women attending the course. It has made me more aware of the impact of domestic abuse and the far-reaching effects it has.”
Family Support Worker


“It gives a greater insight into the behaviours of controlling men and all aspects of the personalities, the long term effects and the depth of work needed to support and encourage them on their journey to a safer future.”
Senior Family Support Worker


“I would strongly recommend, as I feel I was listened to and supported whenever I had a question. Clare was welcoming and enabled me to think about domestic abuse as a victim and how a dominator got to his belief’s.”
Targeted Child Intervention Worker


“This training will enhance your skills and understanding about DV and the effects in the home – family life – relationships – childrens/adults behaviours. This programme will help to empower our service users to make healthy choices. Clare made this a fun and interesting 3 days.”
Family Support


“Excellent training, provides a good insight into the tactics used by the dominator. It helps us to make sense of the situation in order to support women in this unfortunate situation. It equips us with the tools to offer support to becoming a survivor.”
Family Support Worker


“The Freedom Programme is exactly what it says – it provides information, understanding and insights that can support victims and perpetrators and professionals become skilled in this area of work. An excellent training and I will be recommending this to all DA supporters, as it will help inform victims to make healthier choices.”
DA Co-Ordinator


“It was a very thought provoking, practical and inspiring course. It really opened my eyes to the impact living with a dominator has on his victims. The training was run at the right pace and allowed me time to reflect on a variety of situations.”
Team Manager


“Insightful and the book is a must read for everyone. From there they need to book on a course and attend sessions or direct them to website. Definitely something to share and get more information about.”
Support Worker


“Everyone whether you’re a victim, survivor or neither, should attend the Freedom Programme as knowledge is power. If it’s not to support yourself you can support many throughout your work and personal life.”
Family Support Worker


“The training really breaks it down into understandable chunks and has given me a much better understanding of tactics, belief’s and the impact of domestic abuse. The course has really made me think about my own beliefs.”
Family Support Worker


“Yes, the training is valuable. I have really enjoyed it & found it really useful.”
Community Champion


“The content of the training is brilliant! Everyone working with DV should have this knowledge. Clare encourages contact after the training & I would not hesitate in contacting her in the future.”
8-12 Early Help


“That it is very informative and empowering. Really interesting and useful. You will find out so much more information and also develop skills and knowledge to deliver.”
Intensive Family Support


“Very interesting/eye opening to abuse and types of abuse.”
Early Help & Family Support Worker


“Very empowering for anyone in an abusive relationship. It is not oppressive and not judgemental – it helps practice delivery of the sessions. The pre course reading and book are excellent. It is fun!”
Intensive Support Worker


“Its an open approach to giving attendees a voice and an opportunity to prevent isolation. It also has lots of times to laugh and feel united, meaning if life is hard and traumatic, there is light at the end of the tunnel and a voice. Excellent opportunity to be the person that can put it all in place.”
Intensive Family Support Worker


“It gives valuable insight into tactics used and beliefs held by abusers. I was surprised at how little I knew in this area, even though I have attended many training sessions regarding.”
Senior Intensive Support Worker


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