Witney Oct2017 says #NoMore

Clare Walker Consultancy delivers Freedom Programme facilitator training across the UK, on this occasion with Ginny Redbond. We asked delegates: What would you tell a friend or a colleague about this training? This is What Whitney had to say in October 2017…

I would encourage them to attend the training as the course is really good and the trainers were fab. I would warn them that the content can be very triggering if they have experienced/witnessed DA and to bear that in mind. Id tell them to plan quiet evenings on the training days.

Early Help Practitioner


I would say that the course is intense but incredibly worthwhile. I can already see how I can utilise the contents and use the programme with the women I work with and also women I know. Knowledge is power and knowledge is freedom. Thank you.

Project Worker


It is a really good course to go on. It breaks down in sections the ways perps are, and heps recognise ways of dealing with different areas. The course will definitely help you enhance your knowledge for when you work with families. This has had a positive impact on my work role and I shall be reffering to it every day. Brilliant.

Service Coordinator for Childrens Centres


I would say the training is brilliant, the facilitators are second to none! The contents of the training course was so detailed too. It outlined the importance of DA awareness. More training courses should be run this way. Relaxed!

DA Prevention Worker


It helps you to learn different tactics that all dominators use. It always allows you to challenge your own beliefs and identify where we get their beliefs from and how theyre reinforced. It is an empowering training, which gave me the confidence both to identify the tacics, but also how I can help educate other women. Thank you!

Targetted Support Worker


This training is extremely valuable to anyone affected by DA and to these that are working to support families. This training is informative and enlightening, it goes at a pace that allows it to be taken in. Thank you!

Early Help Worker


How good it was and encouraged me to get cracking with my Freedom Programme. There were other opportunities to further expand your knowledge and always references to look at should you need it.

Support Worker


This training makes you realise our roles in the group and how its different from all other parenting groups. I realise how this information can enable victims to absorb information about DA and allow them to think about choices.



Excellent resources and training. Both trainers really know their stuff!!

Early Help Practitioner


I would tell them that they should do it and that it needs to be put out there! All local authorities should invest in The Freedom Programme and it should also be introduced in schools.

Group Facilitator


Very enlightening, reflective, interactive and thought provoking. Provided the skills and knowledge to run FP.

Family Support- Early Learning                                                                            


Its very helpful, informative and gives you a greater knowledge and confidence when discussing DA. It also gives you the skills to support and educate victims of DA.

Family Support Worker


Very informative and well presented. Thank you!

DA Prevention Officer


It is useful if you wish to facilitate the Freedom Programme.

Family Support Worker


Absolutely! It is a great course that opens eyes and helps you to understand the vitims behaviour and what they are going through. Highlighting how even though the child could have been removed, how they could still be effected.

Family Support Worker


The subject matter is not easy to digest at times, but the dynamics and the pace of the training enables you to work through it. There is humour at times which grounds you, and it helps to keep you focused on the victim, without feeling overwhelmed. I could not fault anything and thoroughly enjoyed all three days- thanks so much. Great trainers, colleagues and venue to top it off!!

Early Help Practitioner


You need it! We all do!

Early Help Practitioner


It is very useful and helpful. Good basis for understanding The Dominator and essential for delivering the Freedom Programme. There is some difficult aspects and material to deal with, but there are always positive aspects too.

Targeted Support Worker


Fantastic course, really loved the sessions. The facilitators were brilliant. There was lots to process but overall worthwhile and thoroughly recommend.

Family Support Worker – Early Help


Very intensive training. Fabulous trainers and glorious opportunity to connect with a wide variety of professionals. Great opportunity to run a practise session and role play with a variety of professionals, it was very thought provoking. There was great information to share with colleagues.

Family Support Worker


Good programme to educate the victim and the professionals to impacts, recognition and survival of the Freedom Programme. The impact on the family and child’s development and trauma. The need for more refuge and support groups in society.

Early Help Practitioner


Fun, informative training. Love the little anecdotes and the chocolates.

Family Solutions Services


Excellent training programme helped break down the Dominator in depth to help understand further. I would recommend this training to anyone working with families and who want to learn further knowledge around the impact of the Dominator.

Family Support Worker


Good, interesting and informative content. Very thought provoking. I enjoyed the group work- was great being mixed up and meeting new faces in different proffessions. I found some of the excersizes challenging and some aspects difficult to apply, but my advise is stick with it as it all comes clear by the end of day three.

Family Support Worker


This is useful to understand the content of The Freedom Programme, it teaches you to differentiate between the different dominator tactics and personas. It teaches about society reinforcements. It really highlights how more education can initiate steps to making a difference in peoples lives.

Early Help Worker


What knowledge you think you have will absolutely be expanded on this fantastic training. This gives you a good insight of tactics used by the dominator and how it effects children at different stages of life and abuse. You can apply this experience in every day life and professional practise. Thank you.

Early Help