Over the years, I have had so many requests from professionals attending my training, who work with our next generation, for tools to engage children and young people on the topic of domestic abuse.

There is often a lot of anxiety and consideration about imparting certain topics to children and young people. But we need to consider, what is the potential damage if that information isn’t imparted? We have known that ‘Knowledge is Power’ since 1597 when Sir Frances Bacon turned the phrase. So why in 2015 do we need to quandary this whilst conflictingly wondering how we can protect our next generations from heinous crimes, abuse and exploitation is something I frustratingly have to respond to.

Here at CWC we try our best to accommodate agencies or individuals preferences and in true Freedom Programme fashion, it’s about putting the information out there and allowing it to be ingested in whatever format required that meets needs best – for each and every one of us. So in doing so we have created a young people’s domestic abuse pack. Drop us a line if you would like more information on this.

This pack can be delivered in a very flexible way and can be as detailed as the teacher/facilitator would like it to be; with set core sessions to be followed by handpicked sessions that can be selected from the menu – or it can be run in its full entirety. It is jam packed with engaging and interactive sessions that encourage young people to consider things a little differently in relationship dynamics to what they would have. Of course the pack is totally drawn from Pat Craven’s Freedom Programme (www.freedomprogarmme.co.uk ) model and it would be best practice for the facilitators/teachers of the sessions to have attended Freedom Programme 3 day facilitator training 1st – but not essentially. We have worked really hard to pack it full of all you would need to deliver it. Other than reviewing the facilitators/teachers own personal belief systems, which can be covered by them attending the facilitator training.

If that’s not quite what you were looking for, have you considered the Freedom Programme Home Study Workbook?

Freedom Programme Homes Study Workbook
This has been successfully used with children and young people in school settings – with great success! As the teacher leads discussion and sets the work. We’re sure you will be surprised at the results. This format has been used with great success and to celebrate this currently we can tell you there is a new offer regarding the purchase of the Home Study Workbook. Previously you could purchase a minimum of 50 books at the bulk order reduced unit cost rate of £5+ 5% P&P per book. This reduction was based on the bulk ordering of a minimum of 50, which costs £262.50. Alternatively if you would just like just one copy for yourself you can make single purchases at the full price of £9.67 via Amazon

Now, in partnership with Freedom Programme and Clare Walker Consultancy we are delighted to be able to tell you that if you name Clare Walker Consultancy when your school place’s your order for Home Study Workbook’s you will gain a further special deal of £5+ 5% P&P per book but at a reduced number of just 30 books. Thereby your agency benefits being able to purchase less books whilst still benefiting from the bulk purchase unit cost of 30 books for £157.50 and with ever tightening budgets, this might be the best way for you? Order now