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Clare is a Domestic Abuse Consultant with more than 25 years experience regarding domestic abuse. Clare has a unique insight and understanding of the effects and how they can present, as well as the entangled confusion and complexity of power and control dynamics based primarily on intimate or family relationships, but also in the wider context. Clare describes herself as an expert by experience and has ploughed this knowledge into her career path.  

From 2003 Clare has worked in various roles with adults and children as a case worker, Project Manager, national strategic development lead in multiagency contexts, developing national strategic and legislative practices and guidance with academic, governmental & regulatory, strategic national bodies, such as the DoH, SCIE, Nora Fry Institute.   

Clare has delivered, designed, launched and commissioned services for families and individuals locally and nationally. As well as completing risk assessments on perpetrators for Local Authorities.       

Clare is one of 4 Licensed facilitators of the Freedom Programme and has been delivering bespoke Training and workforce development to a variety of organisations and professionals locally, nationally and internationally since 2006.  

Clare Walker Freedom Programme Training  

In 2011, Clare set up her own company – Clare Walker Consultancy, where she developed and built on her expertise and incorporated many other aspects of practice via training and as an Expert Speaker at Conferences and events. For example; impacts and effects on primary victims (adult) and their presentation, impact and effects on secondary victims (children), evidencing non-violent abuse, impact of domestic abuse on workforce productivity, demonstrating links between domestic abuse and terrorism, coercive and controlling behaviours and how to evidence them.  

Clare works tirelessly delivering training events and educating professionals from social care, education, health, law, law enforcement as well as the military sectors. Clare also works as a Visiting Lecturer at various Universities offering Social Work degrees, to teach BSc and Masters students about the complexities of domestic abuse and its far reaching impacts. Clare has developed various bespoke packages of training looking at working in specific communities or groups such as Children and Young People, LGBT, Faith and Ethnicity groups, including aspects of spiritual abuse. These sessions can be as brief or as in depth as requested.  

Clare delivers a wide range of Consultancy services in the form of a victim’s support group, advocacy to victims in professional arena’s, service enhancement to agencies to ensure they are quality assured in their contract terms but also their delivery and understanding of their beneficiaries lived experience, being meaningful and informed.    

Since 2014 Clare has been representing clients, as an Expert Witness on Domestic Abuse for victims going through Court or Immigration Tribunal processes.   

Clare has recently also qualified as a Domestic Homicide Review Chair and is looking forward to taking her expertise into this painful process, to enable improved service provision and practice (as appropriate) of agencies involved with deceased victims. But also to ensure the victims are represented in that process by their families who are left behind to tell their story.   

1 in 4 women Suffer Domestic Abuse   

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