Get on it 😊 Great practical course that will influence my DV support to clients.

I have really enjoyed the Freedom Programme course. I like the way the Dominator is broken down into different controlling ways for the ladies to recognise. It helps ladies to identify these behaviours
for themselves, rather than hearing it from a professional (as to what they would know). I especially think discussions around beliefs is important. Brilliant!                                                                             Senior Case Worker


Definitely a must for colleagues I work with in regards to the women & families we work with. A very knowledgeable course and I am looking forward to facilitating the group to support the ladies who will be on the course. Thankyou for this facilitator training.                                                          Family Intervention Worker

I’d tell colleagues to book on it. Really enjoyed the training and learning more about the perpetrator traits.
Very useful for my role as support worker and looking forward to facilitating a course/programme. 

                                                                                                                                                             Family Support Worker

Useful: practical advice for role as well as to facilitate. Insightful: learning more about behaviour. Interactive:

fun. Engaging: went fast for 3 days of training. Feel like I have new tools to use, thank you. Quite looking forward to facilitating.                                                                                                                              Family Intervention Worker

Interesting training that gives a good over view to all aspects of domestic abuse. Breaking it down into separate
areas which helps to identify tactics/beliefs of the perpetrator.                                                               Social Worker

Really informative training, lots of roleplay and practical sessions to ensure we know how it will work in a group


I would tell them how good it this programme is and how it really gives a full awareness of domestic abuse and the effects it has on women, men & families.                                                                                                          Midwife

Amazing – for a friend or colleague. Really insightful and will change the way you think about domestic abuse, Its
fun! Ive had a laugh with other women – at the same time learning so much, tackling some really emotive subjects. Fantastic!                                                                                                                                             Social Worker

Insightful. Fun. Great multi-agency training                                                                                                    Health Visitor

That is was fun, good sense of humour, very informative, learn lots of good techniques to deliver the course.
The trainers are very knowledgeable and good at delivering the information.     Senior Customer Support Worker

Very well presented, amusing and easy to learn. Enjoyed it.                                                                     DV Worker

Great – Freedom Programme can support women experiencing abuse using accessible language and solidarity.  Felt a bit confusing on 2nd day, but got easier as course progressed. Knowledgeable trainers with a great sense of humour.                                                                                                                                Family Intervention Worker

Worthwhile training and a positive experience. Good opportunities to do the add-on’s; male perpetrator &
children’s training to expand knowledge and provide additional services. Much needed training and services to address DV!!!                                                                                                                                  Practice Learning Mentor

Insightful. I thought I knew a lot about domestic abuse, but I have learnt so much more from the eyes of the
victim.                                                                                                                                Early Help Development Officer

You really need to do this training to get inside the mind of a perpetrator and see the different ways domestic
abuse can take form.                                                                                                            Family Intervention Worker

It has helped me improve my understanding which will help me in my work and practice.

                                                                                                                                         Neighbourhood Safety Manager

This training is brilliant. It doesn’t matter how long you have done your job, how you did and what you think
you know…this course WILL, open your eyes! Brilliant, thank you.                                                       Social Worker