Good course provides an understanding of how some of our lives may be affected. I learned how to provide women with knowledge to improve their lives and where to go to get support.


That the training is aimed at educating women on the dominator tactics and the different ways in which they can demonstrate them. The course is quite intense over 3 days.

Pathway Support Worker

That I really enjoyed the training. It was a privilege to take part. It was useful to look at what DA looks like, it was intense but worthwhile. I look forward to starting my group.

Womens Group Facilitator

Yes, I would tell my colleagues and other professionals about the training, we don’t have a freedom programme running at our borough and very much rely on others, funding and social services. Travel is often not possible for most women, ive enjoyed the course, loved the trainers and those on the course. I have learned a valuable lesson and increased my knowledge. Credit to everyone

Independent DA Advisor

Yes the info about the personas was interesting and useful, it was good to see how beliefs are reinforced in society and women

Court Support

Real insight into the personas of a perp and the impact and effect this has on victims

Family Support Worker

It is a very good networking opportunity. A chance to expand on the booklets through discussion and group work, a great foundation for group working.

Family Assessment Worker

Yes I would tell a colleague about the training, all info was relevant to the material

Outreach Coordinator

Very interesting and useful to get info on the tools you can use when approaching women on the Freedom Programme.  Over all this has made me more confident to deliver FP.

Family Outreach Worker

I would say it was in depth and interesting but also tiring. I would certainly recommend others to attend. Thank you I have lots of ideas of how I can deliver this to vulnerable women

Parent Advocate

That there is a lot of info to take in, a challenging subject matter but stimulating too, occasionally draining. Be prepared for long intense sessions, there is a lot of talking and listening to do, but very worthwhile.

Assistant Case Manage 

That if they had the chance to attend then they should, it is welcoming and very informative

Family Outreach Worker

Very useful and interesting, didn’t always suit my style of learning, I really gained from further conversation and explanation from the facilitators I am looking forward to putting it into practise


Well structured, informative, supportive, fun, insightful, welcomed the opportunity to have a go in a safe format. Liked the extra info! Good to meet with others from various backgrounds, agencies and skill sets


It gives eye opening info about signs of a perp that may not have been thought of. Useful to meet/learn from professionals from other organisations. Course did not always suit all learning styles and did lead to some anxieties about feeding back to the group etc

Family Support Worker

Good understanding of the behaviours of the dominator and the personas. The facilitators were very knowledgeable and passionate

Family Support Worker

Captures the aspects of an abusive partner in a way that which all would understand, I would compare it to the signs of safety approach which is used in Leicestershire, good resources, understandable for all. However I understand 3 days is long, and it has been hot, trainers are knowledgeable

Family Outreach Worker

I would tell them how empowering it felt to attend and complete, how beneficial it was too. I and those that I will be facilitating to, will find this to be able to use this to educate and raise awareness in my role, is such a good feeling. I found the 3 day was very enjoyable however intense, even after seeing so much in my personal and work life, things were still able to shock me. Thank you

Education Mentor

Informative but days are a little repetitive, trainers are very knowledgeable and approachable, info is mind opening and interesting, but data may be outdated


Very insightful into the different aspects of the dominator is however. Good experience and knowledge of participants.

Recovery Worker

The facilitators are experienced and knowledgeable. Maybe could be a little more balanced in the information about men and womens support included.

Family Outreach Worker

Great overall education on the dominator, is not DA awareness training as this is required to do this programme.

DA Worker

The trainers were really good, and I particularly liked the mix of a psychotherapist and a survivor of abuse.

Programme Manager

Its informative, lots of info to take in but worthwhile. The books and group work trials are great and useful, I enjoyed the organisation of the groups.

Inclusion Manager

Heavy with regard to the subject matter


Training helps you understand in depth the different personas of the dominator. It will help to deepend your understanding of DA and the tactics used and the affects on the family. It helps you to support the women against other dominators

Court Development Worker