Delegates were asked: “What would you tell a friend or colleague about the training?”

To take notes – bullet points and use the time to ask questions. Lots of information- really enjoyed!!

Floating Support


Very interesting, well structured and although I thought id struggle providing the session, I feel confident enough to do it now, and cannot wait! Good examples were given.

Refuge Worker


Very informative and eye opener to various different tactics and effects of DA.

DA Mentor- Refuge


Worth attending – very helpful and provides a lot of information which helps us provide better quality service.

Refuge Mentor


I would recommend to attend. Hearing about the different types of dominators and how a healthy relationship should be.

Floating Support


I would recommend for a friend to attend I enjoyed learning about different tactics and how women are affected and feel.

Refuge Worker


I would recommend the course to anyone who knows they have been a victim as it helps you really understand what has happened to you. Knowing there is support out there!

Floating Support


A very informative day course, it will give you insight of living with a dominator.

Support Group Worker


Very friendly facilitator with a good sense of humour which was needed with such a tough topic. It gave me good insight into victim experience, the facilitators are very knowledgeable.

Floating Support


Very informative, a lot of useful information that I will use in practice – very worth attending. Trainers were ready to help and give advice.

Child and Young People Worker


Good session, learned a lot. Would really recommend everyone to participate.

Floating Support


Both trainers were very knowledgeable on the subject. I now have a better understanding of the effects of DA on both victims and children.

SNR Family Worker


The training has been very informative with great preparation for providing the Freedom Programme to others. The trainers are very knowledgeable and approachable.

DA Mentor


Eye opening! It reveals the many different ways that perps control their victims. It changes your perspective and teaches you how to understand and keep victims safe. Its great to learn the reaching effects of abuse and how society and the social care system reinforces beliefs and how victims are blamed and trapped.



I learned a lot more regarding DA and felt the trainers were really knowledgeable.

Social Worker


Very well structured and appropriate for my line of work, I felt the trainers were very knowledgeable and friendly too. Thank you, very much.

Child and Young People Worker


Very interesting, informative books, lots of fun although the subject matter was distressing.

Team Leader