Awards4All funds Freedom Forever a new support group coming soon to Leicester, enabling Clare Walker Consultancy to address aspects of rebuilding our lives after leaving an abusive relationship.

This is THE only follow on programme of the Freedom Programme and one of the most requested additional programmes that we have been asked to deliver locally and now, with the funding from The National Lottery: Awards4All – we can do this. 


Freedom Forever addresses some of the other aspects of rebuilding our lives after leaving an abusive relationship. Many women have said having attended the Freedom Programme they now understand domestic abuse and the impact it has had on them, but they need some input on how to safely take the next step forward. Freedom Forever gives them those tools to enable them to take those steps.

It is very much based on logistics and practicalities, such as; sorting debt, creating new support networks, knowing your Rights and how to stay safe by reducing their vulnerability.

So if you are feeling lonely or if you get contact from the ex, don’t weaken and give in to that and think “oh yeah that is the nice guy I fell in love with in the first place, he’s back” because he isn’t, well its very unlikely!  The percentage of perpetrators who actually change their behaviour is less than 5%, and that is for those who actually do want to make those changes, which is quite key.

As with our Freedom Programme, we won’t have waiting lists or restrictions on who can attend for how long and where from, and we only do a referral from the woman herself. The only proviso for any woman to attend is that she has already completed the Freedom Programme with us – if she hasn’t when she makes contact, then she will be more than welcome to do so with us. Using these same frameworks of access that we use for the Freedom Programme, will make it familiar and therefore more accessible for those wishing to sign-up for Freedom Forever. One of the key differences will be that Freedom Forever won’t be rolling as the Freedom Programme is. Going forward with potential future funding, then we could look at having Freedom Forever rolling too.

For now, on our launch of Freedom Forever we have time to find our feet and learn where and when is the best time and day to pitch it at, so we can maximise on the amount of women who are able to attend.  Because of the money from Awards4All we will be able to hire a venue, get access to more resources to bring a richer learning and shared experience for those women who choose to come and attend Freedom Forever.  It is important that those who do want Freedom Forever, have already completed the Freedom Programme, as they will know the context and the backdrop.  So, we’re busy planning to get it started within the next few months, and of course, Freedom Programme Support Group Leicester will continue, along with all the other add-ons that Awards4All has enabled us to offer. 

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