Clare Walker Consultancy CIC – Company Changes: Clare Walker explains changes in the company structure and how new and existing services will be developed. 

You may have noticed, we have made some changes? Due to the ever-changing landscape that we are living in terms of our services and provision, we are very excited to let you know that the work of Clare Walker Consultancy CIC, is now separated into two companies. The remits of either company are quite different.

We have two new logos to represent each company. Clare Walker Consultancy CIC and Clare Walker Consulting LTD. You will start to see some changes here on the website, as to how services are listed and where to access them. We are trying to keep it as streamlined and straightforward as possible. However, this is a work in progress, so please do bear with us. You may also see some changes on the social media platforms only slight, nothing huge.

The main changes really will be behind the scenes, regarding whether your service is provided by Sophie or by Clare. It is all very exciting! We’re very much looking forward to it, and I think this will be a great thing, not just for the staff team but the service development and the progress going forward.


Clare Walker Consultancy CIC

Reg No: 7740672

Clare Walker Consultancy CIC

Clare Walker Consultancy Community Interest Company, will continue to deliver the Freedom Programme. Especially during lockdown we have also been doing a lot of befriending and one to one support, some advocacy work where possible (provided by Clare Walker).

There is also a closed group chat for those attending Freedom Programme, which is peer lead support, overseen by the staff team. All of these activities will continue, funding permitted and provided by Sophie and the team; who are all Experts by Experience.

The work of this Social Enterprise offers services in a way that bigger organisations can’t; purely because of their remit or their aims. We see the work of Clare Walker Consultancy CIC as the ‘gap filler’ and our work sits alongside intervention and provision of statutory and voluntary sector agencies – it doesn’t duplicate. And all with a Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland (LLR) delivery focus.

As Clare Walker Consultancy CIC continues to be creative in its evolving and sustaining, they will be looking at offering workshops to organisations either locally or via online platforms for those, outside of LLR. If your agency no longer has the capacity to deliver your Freedom Programme to your client group. Drop Sophie an email and let Clare Walker Consultancy CIC deliver your group online, on your behalf. For this or anything else within the CIC that you would like access to or more information about, contact

Clare Walker Consulting LTD
Reg No: 12681770

Clare Walker Consulting LTD

Clare Walker Consulting LTD will now focus on ‘the other stuff’ that Clare does as a Domestic Abuse Consultant. The Expert Witness work, Freedom Programme training, and other professionals training on all things domestic abuse-related, Visiting Lecturing, Advocacy, Guest Speaking, Peer Supervision. All now, come under Clare Walker Consulting Ltd and this area of work is national and international. For more information on any of the services within the LTD company, contact  

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