COVID-19: An update on how the virus has had an impact on Clare Walker Consultancy and the changes to services and training at this time.   

In these unprecedented times that we are currently in, here at Clare walker Consultancy as with everywhere else, we have had to get a little more creative in what we do and how we do it. Some of these changes will become an additional part of ‘business as usual’ when we have this virus and its impact – under control. Within the 1st week of ever-changing crisis, we have spent a lot of time looking at how we can achieve these changes, so we have created a check list for you below, so please do check those out.

Whatever you do and where ever you’re doing it #StaySafe

And also, at the very bottom of this page there are some ‘Take Always’ you might find useful to get you through, social isolation, social distancing or lockdown.


Freedom Programme Support Group in Leicester
As of 17th March the Leicester Support Group has closed until we’re all safe to come out again. The monthly Coffee Club has also stopped meeting during this time. Once Freedom Programme is back open, we will set our next date for Coffee Club too. The communications app is still live and active for those who are already registered to that. For some of you, missing our weekly ‘touchbase’ sessions can feel like losing grip on things. Domestic abuse by definition and in so many ways, isolates us. In a bid to not let this virus add to that isolation caused by socially isolating, our wonderful volunteers are more than happy to make themselves available for a chat. If this is you, either now or later, give Clare a call and we can sort that out for you. 0116 2701935


Freedom Programme Facilitators Training.
All dates that were booked between now and the end of August have either been cancelled or deferred until the autumn. We have spent a busy time last week, cancelling and rebooking venues, hotels, travel and of course letting those due to attend training, the new information. Which on a basis of the wellbeing of all, most people have been completely understanding – although 1 hotel; Premier Inn and 1 trainline service; East Midlands Railway, I am having problems with getting them to understand, be compassionate and give refund or a deferred booking. Logistics aside, you will see the new dates for the trainings that have been updated on our Forthcoming Dates page. All places already booked and confirmed, shall remain so for the new dates, some of the locations do have more spaces available.


Visiting Lecturer, Expert Speaker
For any visiting Lecturer and expert speaker bookings and other small workshops and information sessions, we have now set up our own Zoom account, safe and distant delivery can be achieved. This week my annual Social Work students lecture at the University of Derby will be sitting down to listen to my audio narrated powerpoint presentation. After which, myself, the course leader and the students will be connected via the software. This will enable the students to present their feedback from the workshops I set them, but also an opportunity for me to answer any questions or queries they might have. This format enables continued learning, without the University bringing experts onto campus. It is great to be in situ with the students especially as there are often disclosures made after my lectures, but we believe this distant format can be useful both now and once we’re past COVID-19, in terms of travel not just in the UK but for Universities, Conferences, community groups etc – wherever they are, through technology, we can still reach and learn.

Expert Witness
Clare’s Expert witness work with clients, will continue as before but similar to the above, we can use technology for the assessment interviews. Again, this will reduce time for travel, which in turn will reduce costs for some clients. Although our preference would always be face to face for these meetings; it is a very painful and in-depth discussion we have and sometimes to help someone to open up and step away from shame that is not there’s – an in-person human touch is always the preference. There is so much to be gleaned from the ‘air’ about our presentation and the non-verbal communications, these can not necessarily be picked up via a screen. But in light of our current crisis, then to work this way, would at least give a client a chance of fair and legal representation.


Peer Supervisions, Advocacy and Campaigning,
All of these areas of work which require face to face have been deferred until we’re all safe to return to travel and meeting up in person – safely. If there was a pressing need in terms of Peer Supervision or Advocacy, then of course this could be addressed if the issues deemed it to be essential work [with all safety precautions taken]. Equally, if it was felt that these pieces of work could be achieved via the use of technology then of course we would be more than happy to oblige.


Here’s the ‘Takeaways’…

Keeping yourself and others safe:

Keeping the kids entertained:


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