Daily Well-Being Matters: Clare Walker Consultancy is supporting mental health charity Lamp with their new campaign which aims to combat the surge in demand for their services due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. 

Lamp are experiencing a surge in demand and know many people out there are feeling nervous about what is happening. This is also triggering anxiety and depression. Added to this the prospect and reality on social isolation will affect people’s mental health.

Lamp will add things every day so that people look forward to seeing what’s new – it might keep them going every day and become one of their ‘things to do’. 

In a bid to stay positive, Lamp launches its Daily Wellbeing Campaign. We will share tips on how to stay well, active and connected during this uncertain time. Each day Lamp will share a tip at 10am. Look out for famous names joining in. Please do share our ideas on how to stay well and post your own, using our Hashtags: #StayWellWithLamp #WellBeingMatters so that we can all create a helpful space together.



We Need Your Help  

Would love you to join us and promote what we are doing via your social media or media or radio contacts.  Please check our social accounts and the Lamp website or the Daily Well-Being Matters post each morning for a new tip.

Find Lamp on:
Twitter: @LAMPadvocacy
Facebook: lampmentalhealth
LinkedIn: lampadvocacy
Instagram: lampleicester
YouTube: Lamp Leicester

Use the hashtags: #StayWellWithLamp #WellBeingMatters #MentalHealth #Wellbeing #anxiety #Connection #Community #SocialIsolation #SocialExclusion 

Please contact us if you can make a pledge or simply visit Lamp’s giving page here:

Download the Daily Well-being Matters PDF 

What will we do? 

Each day there a will be a physical and mental action which anyone can do. This will reduce perceptions of isolation, anxiety and develop coping for mental health. It will also give people a connection to the wider community. 

To add to the community concept we will invite people to send in their suggestions – i.e. hints and tips for daily well-being, things people have tried that work or things they would suggest and then reference who said it – so it becomes more interactive community driven by them. 

Quoting people’s suggestions will encourage contribution, conversation, and social media spread. Can you help with this? What would you suggest? 

In addition, we would like to: 

  • Set up skype and arrange to speak with a different person every day for a chat. Could you be part of this? 
  • Make visiting Lamp website a daily thing to do…to see what the new well-being tip is and feed in suggestions too 

Some suggestion we have already had include: 

  • Who are you appreciative of in your life? If you were to write and thank them for how they have influenced you or what they have done for you, what would you say? If you were to find the paper to write on and could write them a letter to post or send or take a picture of to send them, what would get in your way of doing that today? 
  • With spring in the air, what sort of spring cleaning needs to be done where you live? Find some time today to clean out things you don’t need any more or that could be up-cycled or re-cycled. 
  • How artistic are you? We tend to be more creative than we give ourselves credit for. If you were to paint or draw a picture, what would it be? Have a go, even if you have just paper and a pencil or pen? What picture, symbols, shapes or colours, would you like to draw and look at every day?  
  • Drawing shapes onto paper and then colouring or shading them in can be very relaxing and enjoyable – try it. 
  • What are your plans for the summer? Let’s imagine that in a few months’ time, the worst of the virus has gone and we are starting to get out and about more and see people again. What will be the thing you will want to do the most? Who will you want to see the most? What could you do now, to help you plan for that? Who could you share your thoughts with about that? Write down the future date on a piece of paper and the things you would love to be doing when that dates comes. 

For more information about the campaign see the Lamp website or the Daily Well-Being Matters post.