As a Visiting Lecturer Clare delivers an introduction to Domestic Abuse & the impacts on the Children. Here’s what they had to say about the session earlier this year…

How under-estimated Domestic Abuse is. The high statistics & how to recognise signs

Very informative and opens your eyes to the different types of abuse and signs of the perpetrators. The case study made it ‘real life’ and easier to understand. Very interesting

Very informative, detailed discussion about the traits and signs of domestic abuse

Interesting/surprising facts

Good statistics given. Interesting session about domestic abuse and the Freedom Programme

I thought today’s session was very interesting and I learned a lot of information that I was not aware of

That there are effects on children with relation to domestic abuse. In the instance that children will show no emotion towards parents’ violence or may show emotion and want to protect

It was very informative. I was surprised by the number of types of Persona’s there are. The course will help me question, with a hope to identify domestic abuse

This session was really useful in helping build my knowledge of domestic abuse and the impact on all parties. It helped me to delve deeper into key issues

It provided a really useful handout to identify different types as perpetrators and how they can disguise themselves. The case study also provided a good opportunity to apply the different types of perpetrators

Please be aware of controlling behaviours, something that can seem insignificant (marking the milk level on the bottle) is an indicator. Also, if you see something, open that discussion with women, let them feel human and acknowledged

It is very interesting and informative session and will be useful for my future practice. I learnt about the different persona’s and what their traits are. Also learnt the impact on victims and children

Different personas of Dominators. The risks and signs of people in domestic abuse relationships I would say the session was very informative and interesting. Clare is clearly very passionate. Thankyou

I would say the session was alarming and to be aware of domestic abuse tendencies

Very educational and an eye opener. Makes you evaluate yourself and those around you. Educational about the impact on the children

Interesting session, full of information on domestic abuse. Real case study to put the knowledge and relates things learnt during the session. Very useful information in the future of working in this practice

Interesting to hear examples of real cases and how they relate to the model

Very informative – learned a lot and this subject is relevant to many aspects of social work, like the other modules we are studying, such as mental health delivery

Really good session that was very informative. Helpful applying to a case, to gain better understanding. Thanks!

Great session to determine the different types of Dominators. Would be useful to have more examples to apply to the types. Thankyou 😊

Good session. Interesting. Good stats. Impacts on children, the secondary victims. Links between toxic trio

Insightful about the traits a Dominator may possesses. Very useful and knowledgeable going forward in practice

Insightful, practical advice and guidance. Clearly led with useful resources – case study and the Dominator sheet were very useful

It was very informative about the Persona’s of the Dominator. It also informed me of the issues that professionals have when facing challenging conversations. It would have been helpful to know whether the Dominator has to have a number of these traits and whether they have to be conscious of these traits and how you can work with couples that both display behaviours of perpetrators

It was very interesting. Eye opening. Statistics and case study was shocking. The work re: Freedom Programme but would have interested to see more of what that consists of

Very informative and gave lots of knowledge on the specific types of domestic abuse. What to look for and links to reinforcements in society. Would have been good to gain further links to substance use – evidence etc

Very good and informative. Lots of things mentioned that you wouldn’t normally think of. I would have liked more interactive/opportunities for class discussion and debate 😊 Thanks!

Very informative and easy to understand. Felt it was a lot squeezed in – perhaps too much. More debate would have been good; however, I did enjoy it! Thank you!

Informative and eye opening, especially on how much children are affected by domestic abuse

I really like the Mr/Mr right/wrong cards. They give a very easy accessible way for people to identify potential issues in relationships. I feel these should be given to teenagers and more education given to all at a younger age

It is very informative

Very informative and gives lots of information around different ways abuse manifests. Useful to include how domestic abuse impacts children

I gained an understanding of domestic abuse and an understanding of how our core beliefs affect our thoughts. Very informative, has made me want to look further into this topic

Great facts and statistics. A lot of insight a lot areas I was unaware of

This session was very informative and provided an overview of the impact of domestic abuse in the UK as well as explaining the Freedom Programme

Case study really brings home the impact and effects of domestic abuse on the whole family

I would tell someone about all the different persona’s that abuse can take on their typical behaviours

Freedom Programme model was great to identify the different types of abusive men as Dominator’s

Interesting to learn about the Freedom Programme and the different persona’s that make a Dominator