What an absolutely life affirming course the freedom programme is. Its given me the opportunity to really get to grips with my understanding of delivery of the group

Team Manager@ Refuge

Very good and enhances your skills, makes you really think about the lives of children involved in DA- thank you really enjoyed it

Senior Family Outreach

Very informative, emotive and useful. I feel empowered by the training and ready to take it forward and deliver my own group

Health Visitor 

How much you can empower other families and make a different to women’s and children’s lives

Support worker

How amazing it is, how informative and what a great trainer we had

Support Worker

Fantastic course, very informative and really makes you realise how much a dominator impacts on every aspect of a victims life


Really informative, it brings home true effects of DA to the whole family


A great way to learn about abusive behaviour and tactics, so we can educate our clients. It shows how the programme is put into practice so we can successfully educate and empower women

Outreach Worker

Was great to gain further knowledge and understanding to build confidence bout DA

Family Outreach Worker

It is an interesting and informative course offering a view into the lives of victims, why women do the things they do and that it is and never was their fault

Social Worker

You gain knowledge of tactics of a dominator> this empowers you to challenge domestic abuse and how as a professional we can support a victim to make them a survivor!!

Family Outreach Worker

Very informative, empowering and effective. Would highly recommend all professionals to be trained as the knowledge on DA is invaluable

Resilient Families Officer

Really eye opening. Everyone should attend the training. Empowering. You feel really confident afterwards to deliver the programme. The trainer is fantastic and is really clear and makes a very difficult topic fun yet powerful- thank you!

Family Outreach Worker

I would absolutely recommend this training to ALL my friends and colleagues. I will be recommending that all my female friends read the book to ensure they have the knowledge to be in healthy relationships.

Adult Resilience Officer

Your life will never be the same again. You will realise its not you its HIM. You will feel unknown freedom

FP Volunteer

I would recommend they attend the 3 day programme, to be empowered and gain a better understanding of DA. It helps you be able to implement strategies to empower other women too

Family Support Worker

I have relished every second of the training. It is exhausting, thought-provoking, emotive and hard to take at times but I finished feeling empowered and excited about facilitating the course to the women I support

Support Worker

The 3 days were empowering. So much information and great roll play to understand the format of the Freedom Programme. Serious topic but filled with humour to lighten the topic

Domestic Abuse Caseworker

If you want to support a DA woman without using psychobable in an anti-oppressive and accessible manner, then you really must consider this as vital training. You need to re-evaluate your previous relationships, practise and own beliefs if you are going to take on board what women have shared about their own experiences to fully understand

Social Worker

It is an incredibly inspiring, challenging, thought provoking 3 days. It has made me re-evaluate my past and future practice. It has made me more determined than ever to reach out and support as many women as possible

Community IDVA

It was really good. Great to see so many participants wanting to make a difference to women’s lives. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I hope to use what I have learned to make a difference to the families I work with

DA Practitioner

The Freedom Programme has given me tools to empower women of all ages and deliver an intervention model that will help save lives. I am really looking forward to starting the Freedom Programme in January


It was fun, informative, empowering and honest. Everyone should do it whether professionally or personally. You will earn about healthy relationships and how to say no. It will help the future generation make positive choices and friendships

Senior Family Outreach Worker