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Welcome to the #NoMore Blog: a personal blog on all Domestic Abuse via Training Campaigning & Consultancy work 

Domestic Abuse is everyone’s business… So Clare Walker Consultancy’s #NOMORE Blog aims raise of awareness across society through campaigning, training and promoting the Freedom Programme and the effects of Domestic Abuse on Adults, Children and Young People.

Each #NOMORE blog includes interesting topics, news, reports, information and feedback regarding domestic abuse, Human Rights, welfare issues and provides a wealth on resources and discussion points – ultimately helping to spread the CWC’s No More Campaign message – of saying #NOMORE. There even group photos of the 100’s of trainees who have attended Freedom Programme facilitators training throughout the years, all demonstrating their pose to say #NOMORE

Join Clare Walker Consultancy in the No More Campaign to raise awareness and chose to no longer turn a blind eye, no longer collude with perpetrators and no longer victim blame in relation to all forms of abuse. Tweet with #NOMORE or subscribe for updates, news and information from Clare Walker Consultancy. Follow this blog and website for a range of resources, news, information, video’s and much more. All providing opportunities for interaction, sharing, learning and raising awareness of Domestic Abuse, join us and say #NOMORE

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Expert Speaker at The Court Said Rally Parliament Square

Expert Speaker at The Court Said Rally Parliament Square. Clare Walker Domestic Expert campaigns for changes to the Family Court system.  "Very recently I was asked by a fabulous lady called, Natalie Paige who heard me speak at "Stand Up To Domestic Abuse 2019...

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Domestic Abuse & Faith Workshops

Clare Walker Consultancy and SFI raising awareness of domestic abuse from an Islamic and Secular perspective with Domestic Abuse & Faith Workshops. I wanted to talk about an area of work that is starting to become more widely accepted as a norm, as a known, and as...

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Expert Speaker at Glasgow Freedom Programme Conference

Expert Speaker at Glasgow Freedom Programme Conference: raising awareness domestic abuse and how the Freedom Programme can be applied in a legal context. I was contacted by a colleague in Glasgow who runs the Freedom Programme Services, who was wanting to do a...

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#VisitingLecturer: What Social Work Students Say…

As a Visiting Lecturer Clare delivers an introduction to Domestic Abuse & the impacts on the Children. Here's what they had to say about the session earlier this year... How under-estimated Domestic Abuse is. The high statistics & how to recognise signs Very...

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Channel 4 News reported (31/5/19) the findings in Crisis Charity’s recent research on the issue of increased homelessness specifically linked to victims of domestic abuse. The current system is that if the Local Authority (LA) doesn’t accept a victim’s evidence, then...

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Freedom Programme Now International

Many of you will have seen on my marketing and lots of my blogs, I refer to myself as offering Domestic Abuse Consultancy services, UK wide to overseas. Many people have started to ask a little bit more about the overseas element. There have been several queries and...

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Young People & Domestic Abuse: Getting the Message

Over the years, I have had so many requests from professionals attending my training, who work with our next generation, for tools to engage children and young people on the topic of domestic abuse. There is often a lot of anxiety and consideration about imparting...

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Freedom Programme Online Course

Yes that is right! The Freedom Programme Online Course is now available so you can access it where and when you want to! The Freedom Programme online version provides ultimate flexibility making it ideal for you learn where and when you are ready and at your own pace,...

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Mr Right Mr Wrong Fridge Magnets

Purchase your Mr Right Mr Wrong Fridge Magnets for your agency or organisation. Make sure you’re never too far away from your at-a-glance list of positive and negative behaviours by purchasing your own set of Mr Right Mr Wrong Fridge Magnets. At £5 per set, who can...

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Freedom Programme Facilitators Training

Check out dates and locations for you to book on Forthcoming Dates Domestic Abuse is everyone's business! COURSE DETAILS This course is an intense 3 days training covering: Persona’s of the Dominator Tactics and beliefs Society’s reinforcement The effects Beliefs held...

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CWC Expert Witness Domestic Abuse

As an Expert Witness Clare is able to represent clients going through immigration or family court processes. Clare was initially contacted by a Solicitor looking for a Domestic Abuse Consultant to represent their clients experiences and how those...

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Child Sexual Abuse

In this #NOMORE blog, I’ll be discussing a topic we hear about all too often, child sexual abuse, a topic I find myself wondering 'why do we go through this horror' time and time again, of learning about victims accounts of abuse or the fact the abuser doesn’t ‘look’...

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Warning Signs – How to Spot a Dominator

Would you be able to spot the warning signs of domestic abuse? We rarely understand or believe we’re in an abusive relationship when we are. We may be aware we’re unhappy, or have a ‘gut feeling’ but we ignore it. We accept the excuses and go on believing tomorrow...

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Domestic Violence Helpline – 01942 262 270

Often I get asked whilst I travel up and down the country about what help is out there regarding Domestic Violence? It seems a simple query, but its response is fragmented at the best of times, in these barbaric time of cuts – it is less than fragmented. I am pleased...

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Coexist Kenya changing beliefs

Here's a liitle information about a project called Coexist Kenya changing beliefs. Wanjala Wafula is someone whom I had the pleasure to meet at the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence earlier this year. He promotes himself as a black African pro-feminist, he is the...

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Black & Blue Monologues on Tour

CWC & Hathi Productions are delighted to be told that Crimestoppers LLR successfully sourced funding from Police Crime Commissioners Innovation Fund to take the Black & Blue Monologues on tour. So we’re looking for locations and venues in Leicestershire &...

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Fabulous! Is the short answer. The event was SOLD OUT! Thanks to all those who supported us and came along. Lots of laughs were had. See CWC for photo's from the night on facebook. We've already had lots of entries for the #NOMORE Competition - see pictures for some...

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It's almost two years since the Russian punk feminists Pussy Riot were arrested for their illegal performance in Moscow. Show your support for the rights of women everywhere with one of our Pussy Riot bags and we will donate £2 to WILPF!   Get yourself a limited...

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International Women’s Day Celebration

CWC & Clare At Arbonne will be holding stalls and activities at this years International Women's Day celebration at 1325 Project on 8th March 11-3.30. Clare will be offering an introduction to Freedom Programme workshop, plus free tasters of Arbonne's range of...

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