It is informative and boosts confidence. It makes you think about your delivery and how you will come across

Domestic Abuse Advisor

The Freedom Programme training is informative and explained the aspects of the Dominator. It empowers women to understand more about their situation

Support Worker- Outreach Specialist

Very informative and friendly- well presented


Yes- brilliant. It overviews the Freedom Programme as well as a victim centred approach to DA in society- courts, social care and on an individual basis. Interactive, informative and really enjoyed listening to professionals share their experiences and shared values about DA and violence against women

Adult Outreach Worker

That it is a very informative and exceptionally knowledgeable and makes you want to start the course as soon as possible

Refuge Specialist 

Good 3 days of training. Very informative. Gives a good basis for you to facilitate. Good books/resources. Great to meet people in DA field who I don’t normally get to meet, thank you

SPOC Partner

Really fun and informative, very knowledgeable

Specialist DV and Abuse Worker

Very informative, energised and fun. Excellent trainers, very knowledgeable

Support Coordinator 

It is really informative and would encourage everyone in DA to do this


Very informative training. There is a lot to learn but it is not overwhelming. I would recommend this training to anyone working with families. This gives you the skills and knowledge to facilitate the training

Deputy Manager

Really interesting sessions tat made difficult discussions easier to have. Great facilitators who brought relevant and applicable experiences- thank you

Refuge Project Worker

Informative and useful course. Delivering powerful information in a fun way

Outreach Worker 

Yes, I think it was a very informative course. This training can help women, men and children who are experiencing DA. So I would recommend it to other professionals working in tis field

DA Worker

That it is informative and facilitated well in order to give confidence to facilitate yourself

DVA Support Worker 

Informative, helpful, insightful, comforting to share and gain support and advice from others, I enjoyed networking too- thank you

DA Advisor

Interesting and very informative I feel empowered

Senior DVA

Insightful, knowledgeable and good experience.

Refuge Support Worker

Very informative and provides with all the knowledge to be successful as a freedom facilitator. The training was fun whilst being a very serious topic but highlights the need for trying to bring some humour to my group. Id be very interested in the future to take part in Freedom Forever. Thank you

Outreach Support