The Domestic Abuse Quiz

Take the Domestic Abuse quiz and test your knowledge about the realities and prevalence of domestic abuse?

Answer this multiple-choice quiz below to find out what you know about the facts of Domestic Abuse. Hopefully you will learn some myth busting facts along the way.

1. Domestic Violence accounts for what % of all reported violent crime.

a)    2%                  b)    10%                    c)    41%

2. In Britain a woman is killed by a violent partner or former partner every

a)   2.3 days             b)    every week    c)    every 2 weeks

3. What percentage (%) of women experience domestic violence in their lifetime.

a)    2%                  b)    10%                   c)    25%

4. How many times on average is a woman assaulted before she seeks help?

a)    5                     b)    15                        c)    50

5. On average, how many men a year are killed by their female partners or former partners?

a)    22                  b)    52                      c)    112

6. On average, how many women a year are killed by their male partners or former partners?

a)    22                  b)    52                    c)      149

7. On average, what percentage of domestic violence charges are withdrawn by the complainant before the case gets to court?

a)    18%            b)    58%                   c)    98%

8. How many women’s refuges are there in England?

a)  200         b)    1000                  c)    5000

9. How likely is a woman in an abusive relationship, to be assaulted when she is pregnant?

a)    less likely  b)    just as likely  c)    more likely

10. Domestic Violence happens because of:

a)    Substance misuse     b)    Ill health     c)    Power & Control

d)    Poverty     e)    Unemployment     f)      Abusive Childhood

11. In Britain, police receive a complaint about domestic violence every

a)    30 seconds          b)    6 minutes           c)    6 hours

12. In Britain a woman is assaulted in her home every

a)    6 seconds            b)    60 seconds        c)    6 minutes


13. What % of victims are targeted during work hours?

  1. a) 55%                     b) 65%                       c) 75%

Q14. In 2018 how many victims were known to be at high risk of serious harm or murder as a result of domestic abuse?

  1. a) 2000.                   b) 20,000                  c) 2,000,000

Q15. What % of victims are murdered by their abusive ex within the 1st year of having left the relationship?

  1. a) 46%                     b) 76%                       c) 96%



Have a look below for the answers, how did you do?

1: C – Crime Survey England & Wales 2016 

2: A – Femicide Census 2016

3:  C – Home Office 2007

4: C – SafeLives 2014

5: A – Home Office 2007

6: C –  Femicide Census 2018

7: C – Liverpool Crown Prosecution Service 1997

8: A – 275 (actual amount unknown but between 2010 & 2014 32 Refuges were closed down. Many have been converted to homeless units, which are not the same)

9: C – 3 times more likely during pregnancy (Ress and Roth 1993)

10: C – The other answers are just excuses

11: A – Elizabeth E. Stanko: Day To Count review 2017

12: A – Elizabeth E. Stanko: Day to count 2000

13: C – DWP

14: C – Crime Survey England & Wales 2018

15: B – Femicide Census 2016


The day to count: Elizabeth E. Stanko , Royal Holloway College, University of London, UK This article presents the findings of an innovative methodology that examines the impact of domestic violence on key service providers in the UK. An audit of calls to police over one 24-hour period reveals that it is largely women who contact police about domestic violence. The audit also documented that more women escaping domestic violence live in refuges in the UK on one day than contact police for assistance. The article briefly comments on the impact of the audit on public awareness.  

Question 12 above, is drawn from this original piece of research. There was a mini review of Day To Count in 2017, which informs question 11’s answer above.



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