Coercive Control

The Coercive Control course will enable delegates to identify and name the tactics used by abusers to control victims and to gain a greater understanding of how to use this information to present evidence which complies with Home Office Guidelines. All trainees receive a copy of the book ‘Living with the Dominator’ and an animation in the form of a download. 

The course attracts a CPD accreditation of 5 hours and costs £150.00 plus vat per person.


In 2015 the new legislation regarding Coercive Control came into force, yet 3 years on, we are still struggling on getting a grip on what it actually is, how to identify it and more importantly, how to evidence it for a robust prosecution on coercive and controlling behaviours. The legislation already acknowledges that this form of abuse is more enabled with intimate relationships and family members, which by definition makes it more toxic in its impacts.

The 2015 Act also acknowledges the increased level of risk imposed to a victim of coercive control. We have long been aware of how emotional and psychological abuse impacts and effects victims, this form of abuse is far longer lasting, as behaviours imposed on a victim – be they an adult or a child – can stay in place long beyond any kind of relationship has ended. This is because it is a psychological brain washing process that is going on, the term gas lighting is more familiar to many these days. But essentially, it’s an invisible form of abuse, I refer to it as having carbon monoxide present in a relationship dynamic – unless we know what we are looking for, it can’t be seen, isn’t heard and the impacts aren’t related to the impact and effects it has on a victim.

So, in response to widespread demand Clare Walker (CPS Award Winner) and Pat Craven creator of the Freedom Programme have written this one day training event which focuses on the tactics of Coercive Control. It is suitable for anyone working in the support roles or the Criminal Justice System and other organisations which deal with victims of domestic abuse, or for victims themselves who are compiling their own case of evidence. Participants will be given information which will increase their understanding of the content, application and the requirements of the Serious Crimes Act 2015.

We have had some great feedback from delegates who have already attended this training and we have another date booked in for later this year. So, why not book yourself on, whether you’re a victim, survivor or a professional working in any sector. It is not essential to have any previous knowledge of the Freedom Programme for you to be able to attend this training and gain the tools and knowledge to take away with you.

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