Domestic Abuse & Spiritual Abuse Workshops

Clare Walker Consultancy is working in partnership various organisations to deliver community based Domestic Abuse & Spiritual Abuse workshops. Clare is interested in working with other faith leaders and organisations to take same messages into different faith communities across the country.  

Community Workshops
Clare Walker Consultancy has been working in partnership with various faith leaders and organisations to deliver community based Domestic Abuse & Spiritual Abuse workshops in Leicester. Read more about the Leicester Workshops. Due the success of the pilot workshop in Leicester, Strengthening Faiths Institute are now funding the workshops and are working in partnership with Clare walker Consultancy to extend the delivery of the Domestic Abuse & Spiritual Abuse Workshops across the country, as such we are planning on delivering a workshop in Manchester, Birmingham and London in the up and coming months. 


Workshop Topics Include: 

  • Raise awareness of domestic abuse from an Islamic and Secular perspective
  • An overview the Freedom Programme model looking at the Persona’s of the dominator
  • Aspects coercive control  
  • Awareness of Human Rights
  • How perpetrators will, utilise their faith to increase the level of control that they have on their victim 
  • The impact and effects on victims
  • How the faith communities can collude with perpetrators  
  • Educate attendees to empower themselves
  • Insight and knowledge of what domestic is and how that can impact on a victim and the challenges they may face
  • Myth Busting – Looking at aspects of abusive behaviour when spiritual abuse is used as an abuse tactic  
  • Highlighting issues of radicalisation 

It’s time to change

Unless we start discussing Domestic Abuse & Spiritual Abuse and begin, bringing this conversation out safely into the light to discuss it, then there is never going to be progress in any way, that is going to be enabling and educational for victims but also for perpetrators who need to learn about what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t. Abuse never is.   

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