Delegates were asked: “What would you tell a friend or colleague about the training?”

Brilliant training, really interactive and engaging, very powerful, insightful and at times difficult. Loved it

Criminal Justice Worker

Yes very useful for all.

Domestic Abuse Complex Needs 

Really interesting and engaging programme that allows professionals to gain better understanding of domestic abuse and how to help the victims.


Very eye opening about our society and relationships. All three days have been engaging and informative, would recommend the training. Clare and Chris have been fabulous.


Really informative, friendly and funny.


Fantastic! Covered every aspect of the Freedom Programme in a fun way whilst raising awareness to the issues. The training was delivered in a format which could be used when facilitating in the environment I work in. Wonderful trainers and totally recommend them.


Yes I would, very well delivered and really gives food for thought – I learned a lot!!


It was very interesting programme and I am looking forward to delivering the programme. I found the support and shared experiences of the others on the course invaluable.

Family Worker 

The three day course is interactive and good for group discussion and feedback.

Childrens Centre Manager

Its hugely empowering to learn and be able to help others recognise the signs of living with a dominator. I’m excited to use my knowledge of this training to inform victims/survivors of the abuse and that they’re not alone. and not to blame.

Senior Organiser

To attend! Gives a real insight into what its like to live within an abusive relationship and the impacts of the Dominator. Thank you Clare and Chris.

Family Intervention Worker 

An enjoyable programme. It helps you to hear the voice of the victim, and to keep that central to the conversation. It would be excellent for all in the DA field.


Great course!! Very informative, helps you to see the DA and its affects in more than one way. Facilitators friendly and helpful – so encouraging!

CEO and Director of Therapy Services 

Its amazing, really makes you think about what survivors have been through or are going through. Challenges your own ideas and beliefs. Always ends on a positive!


Very informative and good how it makes sense of all aspects of the dominator. An easy way for women to be able to understand how the dominators behaviour is HIS responsibility and not their fault.

Social Worker 

It is a friendly course with friendly facilitators and helpful resources. Difficult conversations – however helped with the encouragement of the kind facilitators. Very easy to follow and understand! I would highly recommend the training for the police force to help a wider understanding of what the victim goes through and all perspectives and beliefs.

Police Officer

This training has been really in depth and interesting and has allowed me to develop my knowledge regarding DA and its effects. The training was facilitated in an easy to follow approach with group activities throughout which was really helpful. I will now take all this learning forward in my work and practice more confidently, thank you!


It’s a programme to help teach victims of DA to recognise the dominator in all its forms. It has helped me to understand that the abuse I suffered was not my fault.

Project Worker 

Very professional delivery, very informative. Great tools to teach us women what situations were in – would highly recommend.


I enjoyed the training and thought that the structure was very good. I feel confident in delivery and think the resources given were great.

Art Therapist 

This is a fantastic course for anyone who is dealing/working with survivors of DA. Also excellent for raising awareness in organisations that are in regular contact with families eg schools, churches, surestarts…

Outreach Worker

I have really enjoyed this training! It has given me the confidence and tools to deliver the Freedom Programme. The course was run with professionalism, but also made fun. Facilitators were still able to make us giggle, even during some really emotive discussions. This has also been a really positive networking experience. 

New Directions Project Worker

I would tell them it is an excellent training programme that can bring much change to the Asian community. I would love to use this to deliver a programme that would help bring great changes in Nottingham.