Delegates were asked: “What would you tell a friend or colleague about the training?”



DO IT! You will get a lot from it.




I felt like I gained enough from this to roll out the programme and understand the clients.




Extremely informative, very professional and very worthwhile. Excellent course.


DA Volunteer


Absolutely fantastic training. Chris and Clare are lovely, professional and well-informed facilitators – who clearly know and can share reliable content based on experiences.


Case Worker


Really useful, empowering and thorough, equips you to deliver the programme, fun, opportunity to meet others who are like minded and kind.




Useful to know different tactics used to instigate power and control within the relationship. Glad I can now facilitate and support DV victims.




The facilitators have an inspirational amount of passion about what they’re doing and it shines through the entirety. I would recommend it 100%.


Therapeutic Keyworker 


Its very hard-hitting content. Clare and Chris delivered the programme very well and answered all questions intellectually.


Strengthening Family Practitioner 


I would tell people that the training is amazing as it is informative and the trainers are knowledgeable and lovely!




Absolutely fantastic training, the two facilitators were so reassuring and friendly, super supportive and knowledgeable. I feel so confident to deliver FP. Thank you so much!


Child and Family Worker


Thought it would be oppressive but it was refreshing, light hearted and fun considering the mammoth task we face. I had read the statistics but now I actually see.




Incredible 3 days which took me on a journey looking through the mind of a victim – I have learned so much for this. I found it very emotional at times, but met so many amazing people who supported me, we supported each other. Thank you.




Excellent training – which was very informative.


DA Volunteer


The training is a brilliant way to understand the tactics used by a perp. Also a good way to understand how victims survive. Thank you its been a brilliant 3days.


Family Early Help Practitioner



Informative, useful, practical, insightful and real. Emotive but sensitive with heaps of humour!


Strengthening Families Practitioner



I would tell a friend or colleague to access the freedom programme facilitator course or programme, if needed. The training is informative and delivered in a way that enables everyone to learn.


DVA Lead


Informative, interesting, enjoyable, powerful training with fun and a sense of humour.


Strengthening Families Practitioner


This training is a must. Comprehensive examination of the beliefs and tactics of abusers and the effects on partners, children and society. The course was delivered by wonderful, knowledgeable, humorous trainers, thank you ladies – Freedom Forever!


Neighbourhood Outreach Worker


I found the training really interesting and gained more knowledge on the subject. I found it insightful and feel more confident about delivering the programme to others. I enjoyed working in different groups as it helped me to feel more comfortable and get to network. Thank you




I loved it! Really interesting, not a dull moment, I felt Clare and Chris work really well together. Really informative and gave and gave me lots to think about. I can’t wait to get stuck in once I go back to work. Thank you very much.


Womens Empowerment Worker


Valuable and informative. Lots of information to take but was a great preparation for running the sessions. I found the material difficult for myself but it was positive in the end. The trainers were fab!


Support WorkerI’


I would say that this is the best training I have ever attended!! I feel I’ve learned so much from Clare and Chris who were amazing at delivering the course! It really opened my eyes to how so many people can be affected by DA and not really know. I think every human should attend this training!




Family Support Worker


An incredible course! I was made to feel welcome and even though I was apprehensive at first, I needn’t have been. I have learned so much and would recommend it to anyone who gets an opportunity. I now have a better understanding of the language around DA, I will now be able to use this and have a positive effect on my staff and the young people I support. I found the books simple to understand and easy to explain!


Support Worker


It was very interesting to learn why the perpetrators do what they do! What I have learned will be incredibly useful to take back to the young people I work with. The facilitators were fab, very professional and grounded, the perfect pair! Both were welcoming and friendly.


Care and Support Worker


Yes I would. It was very informative and fun. I’m looking forward to delivering the programme. I am also interested in the further training and hope the company allows for this


Strengthening Families Practitioner