Delegates were asked: “What would you tell a friend or colleague about the training?” 

It gives good insight into the various aspects of who the dominator may be, what he does, his thoughts and beliefs. The training teaches about the ‘Rules of the Game’ played by the dominator and therefore helping us to identify the various stages of these.

Early Help Practitioner 

Really informative. At times very heavy material which could be a trigger, but it does help you learn a lot about domestic abuse.

Family Outreach Worker

An intense 3 days – very challenging and conscious raising in equal measure. Living with a Dominator is a powerful tool, clearly and practically introduced by the facilitators. The training is well structured and by the end of the third day I felt that I had a reasonable grasp on the way to facilitate the Freedom Programme. Clare and Cathy were skilled in ensuring that we felt supported and safe with the difficult content.

Early Help Practitioner 

The Freedom Programme training is amazing. It’s so informative and really provides you with a great framework to be able to work with survivors efficiently. It can be a heavy topic but most definitely valuable.

Family Support Worker 

Very informative training. Interesting and relatively straight forward with the great guidance of Clare and Cathy. The role play certainly helped my learning style. Very friendly, non-judgemental trainers who were there every step of the way. This training is so valuable.

Child and Family Worker

Brilliantly delivered. Moving, painful, uplifting, thought provoking. It really made me think about some of my unacknowledged beliefs about victims and perps, I felt so challenged. Revolutionary in terms of the cycle of abuse.

Early Help Practitioner

This is not an easy course to undertake. The depth that this subject is explored in is frequently uncomfortable. It definitely made me look at my previous relationships. This course is best aimed at those who have previous experience of working in the field.

Family Support Worker

Very informative, fun and interactive. Really hits the core of what people go though, it can be very emotional and intense. It makes you really consider how you are working and supporting victims. It has given me great motivation to provide best care and advice I can.

Recovery Nurse

YES! And the world, its fantastic! I loved the training; I didn’t want the 3 days to be over – I learned so much. Booking on lots more of Clare’s training, cannot wait.

Support Worker 

Very informative, supportive and challenging in a positive way. Realistic and useful, a great grounding to be able to go and deliver.

Life Coach

The facilitators were absolutely fabulous. The 3 days were very well thought out, timekeeping was superb and it was an environment to discuss and explore the Freedom Programme. I am walking away with so much information to share with my colleagues, thank you.

Outreach Worker


Definitely worth going on. It covers so many aspects of abuse and makes you think about your own relationships. The facilitators were very knowledgeable and speak from personal experience which was refreshing. It can be emotionally draining at times and there are tears and laughter, but so much learning.

Family Support Worker

A very well delivered training programme with a really powerful and effective message. Its really eye opening and provides an amazing insight into this important issue. The programme is proven to work and make a massive difference to people’s lives.

Early Help Practitioner

Invaluable. Hugely informative. Everyone should do it to develop their awareness. Emotionally difficult subject matter but trainers prevented me from feeling completely overwhelmed by this. Full of strong courageous colleagues supporting one another it felt so empowering, Thank you.

Recover Worker

Very informative, was scary to realise how little I was aware of. It gave me a better understanding of a dominator and their different identities. I have now a better understanding if the impact on victims and their family. The Freedom Programme is a greatly structured programme and I am excited about being a facilitator of the course.

Family Support Worker

Educational but emotional. Can be difficult not to be taken lightly. Lots of practice for the sessions. This is well structured and I now feel so confident to deliver the group. You are likely to hear other people’s experiences so you need to mindful of that.

Family Support Worker 

Very informative three days. It is quite scary to be confronted with an insight into how a dominator works and how he impacts on the victim. It has made me reflect on my role at work with families and how my role may have perpetuated the situation or reinforced the messages a victim hears/ experiences in living with the dominator. I am pleased I did this training, even though it has been very intensive.

Children and Families Worker

Go on it! It really does open your eyes and gives you the tools to help survivors. It really does give you the tools to help survivors understand and be able to move on. Be prepared to push the boundaries on what you thought you knew already.

Domestic Violence Outreach Abuse

The training is a real eye opener onto the terrible way humans treat each other. Also the limited support for the families who need support. It has empowered me to feel more able to support victims within my role and start to make a small but necessary difference. The trainers were amazing and so knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend this course.

Recovery Worker 

It is very in depth and will help you to explore the Freedom Programme material in a much more comprehensive way than just reading the book. Solidifies the material which would give you the confidence to talk to the dominator in an educated way. I would say get the self-care routine in place as its quite heavy.

Outreach Worker

The training has been both very helpful in regards to the work we do and it gives you more insight into the victims and survivors of DA tactics. The programme is intensive and delves deep into the horrors of survivors and their abusers, but it is really helpful in giving victims hope.

Family Solutions Team 

Very informative – gives you a good understanding of the programme. I found some of the topics hard to hear.

Social Worker

The most intense training you will ever go on. Make sure your evenings are clear for some head space, hard hitting but so worth it! What a goblet of knowledge.

Early Help Practitioner