Faith & Spiritual Abuse

Clare Walker Consultancy is now offering Faith & Spiritual Abuse training to raising awareness of domestic abuse from an Islamic and Secular perspective with a range of workshops, training and seminars. 

Workshops, training and seminars
Clare Walker Consultancy offers bespoke training packages on the theme of Faith & Spiritual Abuse these may take the form of a workshop, training event, seminar or as a Visiting Lecturer in educational settings.

Some of the topics covered may include:

  • An Introduction to the Freedom Programme model
  • An overview of the Trait & Persona’s of Perpetrators
  • An awareness and  understanding of coercive control  
  • Awareness of Human Rights legislation (See the details of these on my NO MORE Campaign page)
  • How perpetrators will, utilise their faith to increase the level of control that they have on their victim 
  • The impact and experiences of victims: trauma, emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse
  • How the faith communities can collude perpetrators  
  • Learn how to empower, enable and educate victims
  • Highlight to perpetrators who need to learn about what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t.
  • Raise awareness of faith and cultural practices
  • Highlighting issues of domestic terrorism and Global terrorism, terrorist behaviours and radicalisation
  • How we can address this issue at a grass roots level in communities, agencies 
  • How can we deal with it both practically, legally as well as spiritually.  

Clare Walker Consultancy is currently developing a pilot project in partnership with faith leaders, and other local and national organisations to deliver awareness raising Domestic Abuse & Faith Workshops in Leicester. The workshops have been presented as a multifaith issue: various different faith leaders and academics discussing and presenting throughout the day, as well as fabulous survivors as there always is in the arena’s of domestic abuse.   

Unless we started bringing this conversation out safely into the light to discuss it, then there is never going to be progress in any way, that is going to be enabling and educational for victims but also for perpetrators who need to learn about what is acceptable behaviour and what isn’t. Abuse never is.  

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