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Domestic Abuse Professionals Training + Bespoke Packages

Clare Walker Consultancy is delivering up and down the country and overseas on behalf of Freedom Programme author and creator; Pat
Craven. This training is essential for professionals working with adults and or children in any capacity.
Alternatively, you may be interested in some of the other Services delivered by Clare Walker Consultancy. If you can’t see what you are
looking for, then please do get in touch.


Freedom Programme Facilitators Training Dates 2020


  • January Liverpool 22, 23, 24
  • January Preston 5, 6, 7 In-house
  • March Birmingham 4, 5, 6
  • March Norfolk 11, 12, 13
  • March London 25, 26, 27
  • March Wiltshire 30, 31, 1 In-house
  • April East Kilbride 28, 29, 30 TBC
  • May Suffolk 5, 6, 7 In-house
  • May Norfolk 20, 21, 22 In-house
  • June Faversham 10, 11, 12 TBC
  • June Leicester 17, 18, 19 TBC
  • July Newcastle 1, 2, 3 TBC
  • July Bournemouth 8, 9, 10 TBC
  • September Liverpool 30, 1, 2 TBC
  • October London 21, 22, 23 TBC

Other events delivered by Clare Walker Consultancy 2020

  • Freedom Programme Support Group every Tuesday during term time FREE to attend
  • Expert Witness clients going through Immigration Tribunals, Family Court or Criminal Court processes across UK various dates 
  • Rochdale Refuge Supervision Monthly
  • Rochdale FP Facilitators Supervision March
  • Demontfort University Visiting Lecturer (Social Work) 12 March
  • Derby University Visiting Lecturer 2 April
  • London Consortium of Approved Family Group Conference Chairs 12 May
  • Demontfort University Visiting Lecturer (Criminology)  TBC
  • Bradford FP Practice Supervision 28, 29, 30 July
Contact Clare for more information, booking forms or an informal chat about your services needs regarding Domestic Abuse and the
Freedom Programme clare@clarewalkerconsultancy.com / 07910371045 / 0116 270 1935 

Freedom Programme Training

Clare is one of 4 Licensed facilitators of the Freedom Programme and has been delivering Freedom Programme training to professionals locally, nationally and internationally since 2006.  Having the License enables Clare Walker Consultancy to offer the training to...

Whitney October 2019

TESTIMONIALS WHITNEY OCT 19 Delegates were asked: “What would you tell a friend or colleague about the training?”  It gives good insight into the various aspects of who the dominator may be, what he does, his thoughts and beliefs. The training teaches about the 'Rules...

Preston July 2019

TESTIMONIALS PRESTON JULY 2019 Delegates were asked: “What would you tell a friend or colleague about the training?”   This training is important for anyone working with people who would benefit from learning about healthy relationships and specifically around...

Leicester June 2019

TESTIMONIALS LEICESTER JUNE 2019 Delegates were asked: “What would you tell a friend or colleague about the training?” Brilliant training, really interactive and engaging, very powerful, insightful and at times difficult. Loved it Criminal Justice Worker Yes very...

Telford April 2019

TESTIMONIALS TELFORD APRIL 2019       Delegates were asked: “What would you tell a friend or colleague about the training?”     DO IT! You will get a lot from it.   FSW   I felt like I gained enough from this to roll out the...

Expert Speaker at The Court Said Rally Parliament Square

Expert Speaker at The Court Said Rally Parliament Square. Clare Walker Domestic Expert campaigns for changes to the Family Court system.  "Very recently I was asked by a fabulous lady called, Natalie Paige who heard me speak at "Stand Up To Domestic Abuse 2019...

Expert Speaker at the “Stand Up To Domestic Abuse 2019” Conference

Guest Speaker at the “Stand Up To Domestic Abuse 2019” ConferenceI was delighted when a friend and colleague of mine, Rachel Williams, asked if I would speak at her conference “Stand Up To Domestic Abuse 2019”.  This is going to be an annual event and will come in...