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Clare Walker Consultancy offers lectures at various universities on the topic of domestic abuse. 


Clare is available as a Visiting Lecturer to teach students as part of their degree courses at Universities. As a Visiting Lecturer Clare has delivered sessions for Social Work students at various universities on their BA or Masters degrees, for many years. However these teachings are also appropriate for other areas of academic study, covering various career paths such as: health roles, especially those going into A&E or GP work, police and lawyers, education roles in schools and colleges for example. Clare provides relevant and useful knowledge in the context of a variety of different roles where domestic abuse is prevalent as an issue, where the students are intending to work and who they are intending to work with. 


These sessions draw on Clare’s depth and breadth of knowledge in understanding domestic abuse dynamics, the tactics, impacts and effects on primary and secondary victims. Focussing on a range of topics such as: Behaviours and impacts, the prevalence of Coercive Control; the silent killer. Coping strategies, what underpins manifested behaviours, safeguarding and the long term effects on the children, family dynamics, inter-generational trauma and the toxic trio. 


Previous University Lectures:
Clare has previously delivered lecturers at: 

  • De Montfort University
  • University of Leicester
  • University of Northampton
  • University of Derby 

Clare Walker is now a member of the Brunel University International Research Academic Hub

Clare is very pleased, proud and excited to have been requested to participate in the Brunel University International Academic Research Hub which is developing research on the catastrophic impacts of the ill informed use of PA (Parental Alienation) within the Family Court arena. Clare is now linked and connected to academics across the globe. Researchers who are a part of this hub have been working on evidencing and exposing this silent human rights breach that takes place within the ‘Secret Courts’. Their work collectively has highlighted, campaigned and informed bodies such as World Health Organisation’s. This is how the university introduced Clare to the research team:

Clare is a very experienced domestic abuse consultant and expert witness in the UK. Her knowledge of PA and domestic abuse would be really beneficial for our list, particularly as we don’t have many such experts in the UK. 

Schools Colleges and other Educational Settings

Clare also visits schools, colleges and other educational settings to provide a variety of different activities focussed on developing an awareness of domestic abuse and to promote healthy relationships. You can book Clare to visit your students and provide a bespoke session, event or workshop that meets your needs.

The school sessions are tailored to the groups needs and what the school requires. Usually this is a 1hr session which introduces myself as a survivor, my work and touches on the different behaviours and how they impact on a victim; within a Young Peoples context of relationships. Clare is also a trained facilitator of Escape The Trap, a domestic abuse framework specifically for young people, helping them learn and understand. Within the session there is time for any questions from the pupils. Each pupil receives an information and resource pack. In the past this has enabled pupils to reflect and reconsider, further seeking advice from trusted adults in the school. This is a great way to empower young people to make informed decisions. 

Alternatively, you may want to consider the Escape the Trap programme which has been developed in acknowledgement of the rising number of young people – particularly girls – aged 13-16 years, identified as being vulnerable to teenage relationship abuse, grooming and CSE, but the learning could be applied to young males who find themselves victim/vulnerable to the same experiences. This three-day CPD certified facilitator training is accessible to those working in schools, youth settings, youth offending, therapeutic services, YP support services, CSE teams, CYP integrated teams or specialist DV or SARC services. Read more.

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