Workforce Domestic Abuse Policies

Domestic Abuse training is essential for effective workplace policies and workforce development. 

Have you noticed regular sickness patterns in your workforce? Are you looking for something to increase productivity within your workforce? Do you have a domestic abuse specific workforce policy? in terms of what the pathways of support are for members of staff in your team or organisation? Are you a conscientious employer/manager who wants to support your staff in as many ways as possible? 

1 in 4 women Suffer Domestic Abuse

Did you know 1 in 4 women will have experienced domestic abuse in their lifetimes and 1 in 6 men?

Whatever the diversity and volume of your workforce there is a significant likelihood that you have victims of domestic abuse working for you. Tailored domestic abuse training enables learning which can be taken back to the workforce, or developed with the workforce.

As an employer, and more specifically since the inception of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 – the time is now, to develop a policy which fits with your agencies principles and the law. For many victims, the workplace can be that ‘Safety Zone’ sending a victim home early, really may not help, in some cases. But with a policy in place, a member of staff will feel safer to approach the issue and speak in supervision and from their an appropriate support or work plan, can be put in place; without fear or favour. Imagine how productivity could be increased and employee’s feel supported if the whole workforce got this education. Reaching out and creating light bulbs that people didn’t even know they had – but that would ultimately effect their disposition and create better working practices.

Clare’s training and packages assist you with policy development and pathways to support internally and externally of the organisation or agency. Also considering that the annual cost of Domestic Abuse on workforce productivity is £5.5billion per year, not only is it a sensible financial decision for managers it should be a priority for responsible organisations in preventing, protecting and supporting all members of their workforce who may be affected by domestic abuse. 

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