Clare Walker Consultancy launched NO MORE! Domestic Abuse is a family, community, national and global issue. Here at CWC we try to change opinion, change practices, change and save lives.

CWC say’s NO MORE:

  • victim blaming
  • colluding with perpetrators 
  • turning a blind eye

Human Rights are breached and lives are taken on a daily basis with this issue. Here at CWC we try to clarify the complexities of domestic abuse, we can use the persona’s of the Dominator to show that…

Human Rights Act

Article 1 – Right to peaceful enjoyment of possessions: Breached by a Bully

Article 2 – Right to life: Breached by a Persuader

Article 3 – Right not to be tortured or treated in an inhuman or degrading way: Breached by a Headworker

Article 4 – Right to be free from slavery or forced labour: Breached by a King of the Castle

Article 5 – Right to Liberty: Breached by the Jailor

Article 6 – Right to a fair trial: Breached by the Badfather

Article 7 – Right not to be punished for something which wasn’t against the Law: Breached by the King of the Castle

Article 8 – Right to respect for private and family life, home & correspondence: Breached by the Jailor

Article 9 – Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion: Breached by the Persuader

Article 10 – Right to freedom of expression: Breached by the Headworker

Article 11 – Right to freedom of assembly and association: Breached by the Liar

Article 12 – Right to marry and found a family: Breached by the Sexual Controller

Article 13 – Right not be discriminated against in relation to any of the rights contained in the European Convention: Breached by the Dominator

An abusive character’s belief systems, tactics and societies reinforcements of those, ‘allow’ these breaches on a daily basis. When victims of DA with all of these conflicting messages – how are they supposed to understand the grooming they’re undergoing or living with, when more often than not, friends, family and professionals are ill equipped to know themselves.