Clare Walker Consultancy & Clare Walker Consulting, combine their services, skills and resources to provide a range of learning resources on the subject of domestic abuse; whether that’s working with it, trying to understand it or trying to get away from it. 

Listed below are various tools and resources for victims, perpetrators and professionals, whether you’re in health, education, law, law enforcement or social care. Whether you’re in Statutory, Private or Third Sector roles and organisations. Whether you’re in Generic or Targeted services – all are relevant for Freedom Programme training and resources. Take a look!

Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse
If you are at immediate risk call 999. For less urgent information you can call the Freedom Programme helpline (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) 01942 262 270 or Refuge 24 hour helpline 0808 2000 247.  Also see Clare Walker Consultancy’s services for victims.  

Safety Planning 

Safety Planning tips for escaping Domestic Abuse. here are some tips for planning to end or leave an abusive relationship. The safety of you and the children (if there are any), is paramount and safety is increased by clear planning and communication to the right people and agencies.

Webinar: Coming out of Lockdown: What is Controlling or Coercive Behaviour?

A Barrister from St. Ives Chambers, requested I participate as a Guest Speaker alongside Dr Emma Katz. This event was a recorded webinar (04/06/20) the topic was Coercive Control and Family Court failings. You can watch the webinar here.


Domestic Abuse Services and Resources Leaflet 

Clare Walker Consultancy’s team has developed this go to leaflet as a handy resource specifically during COVID-19. As many services have closed due to the pandemic, this leaflet provides information and sources of support for victims. Professionals working with Domestic abuse can share this resource with clients. Domestic Abuse Services and Resources Leaflet.pdf Click link to download pdf.

Freedom Programme Fairy Tale 

A Poem by Pat Craven Creator of the Freedom Programme

Once a upon a time there was an unmarried princess who ruled her land wisely and well.  She made the laws, collected the taxes and was loved by all her subjects. 

One day when she was sitting by her lake, a frog hopped out of the water;

“Hello princess” said the frog, “I am not a frog at all really” he continued, “I am in fact a handsome prince, a wicked witch turned me into a frog.  However, if you kiss me I will regain my handsome human form.  I will then marry you; you can have my children and care for them, I would like about eight, and you can wash my clothes and cook my meals.  You can keep the palace clean and tidy; I will take over as ruler and enforce the laws, I will be the King.  I will collect the taxes and keep all the money.  I will of course, give you a generous allowance for household expenses”. 

Later that night whilst the princess was dining on sautéed frogs legs and tarragon cream and brandy sauce, she said to herself, “I don’t fucking think so….!”

#IfHeLooksLikeAFrogHesAFrog #IfHeActsLikeAFrogHesAFrog #DontBeleiveTheFrog

Freedom Programme
Freedom Programme Training
Freedom Programme Support Group

Bright Sky App 

Bright Sky App is a free to download mobile app providing support and information for anyone who may be in an abusive relationship or those concerned about someone they know. The app is available to use in English, Polish, Punjabi and Urdu. Available for Apple and Android Mobile Phones.

‘Domestic abuse kills more young women than cancer – we survived and we won’t be silent’

The Mirror ‘EXCLUSIVE’: A group of 200 women united by harrowing experiences of domestic violence have come together

Read article.  

Clare Walker speaking at The Court Said Rally in Parliament Square

Clare Walker Expert Speaker at The Court Said Rally Parliament Square,   campaigning for changes to the Family Court system. #TheCourtSaid. What I spoke about was my understanding of the Family Court system and the fact that again, we have so much evidence and research, that states that it is gender bias.  That states where mothers, who alleged abuse of themselves and/or the children, have got an increased bias of losing custody of the children when it goes through the Family Courts.  And the Family Courts are like a secret society, you are not allowed to talk to anybody outside of the Court Hearing, you are not allowed to share any documentation outside of the Court Hearing, and that does include CAFCASS Reports, which may condemn and misjudge in fact we have read plenty of research, that says that is actually the case. 

Clare Walker – How to Support Victims of Domestic Violence

Clare Walker Consultancy was requested to create this video for Kings College. The video provides information, about supporting victims of domestic violence in parent and child foster care, explaining how foster carers can support victims and the importance of clear communication. 

Radio 4 Women’s Hour Interview:
The Freedom Project – Understanding Domestic Abuse in Relationships. 

Clare Walker was interviewed on BBC Radio 4, Women’s Hour along with Fellow interviewee’s Pat Craven. Discussing the Freedom Programme, Coercive Control and domestic abuse. Listen here.


Warning Signs – How to Spot a Dominator

has developed a range of Warning Signs resources including the blog post: Warning Signs – How to Spot a Dominator and Warning Signs Video.



Freedom Programme Video

There is now a brief educational video on the Freedom Programme.

Domestic Abuse Stat’s and Facts 

Stats & Facts: See these stats and about Domestic abuse.

CWC’s Myth busting DA quiz

The Domestic Abuse Quiz

NO MORE Domestic Abuse Resource Pack

CWC has developed This Resource Pack – View pdf. Filled with useful information and resources including: Warning Signs, Safety Planning, Helpline numbers, Domestic Abuse Quiz and much more.

Facilitators Facebook Group

All you fabulous Freedom Programme facilitators out there, now here’s something for you. Check out the new Freedom Programme facebook for facilitators. A great way to share practice, share ideas and gain peer support – where ever you are. Freedom Programme facilitators facebook.

CWC’s Mr Right Mr Wrong Cards 

Mr Right and Mr Wrong: cards are useful tools and resources for staff and service users. They feature the warning signs and personas of domestic abuse perpetrators. 

Traits and Persona’s

Learn about the traits and personas of perpetrators of domestic abuse. The tactics and impacts are familiar to us in our lives. The difference with perpetrators of domestic abuse is that their motivation is to gain power and control over another. See Traits and Persona’s

See Freedom Programme, Services and Training packages or for more information contact Clare Walker Consultancy.  

Do you have some great resources you’d like to share and make available to others? Let us know.

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