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Escape the Trap Facilitator Training

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Escape the Trap has been developed in acknowledgement of the rising number of young people – particularly girls – aged 13-16 years, identified as being vulnerable to teenage relationship abuse, grooming and CSE, but the learning could be applied to young males who find themselves victim/vulnerable to the same experiences. See

Escape the Trap is an eight week programme providing a simple, straightforward and accessible way for young people to addresses: their expectations of relationships, relationships that make them feel bad, the behaviours and beliefs of those who treat them badly, identifying the things they may say and do to them, how their behaviour impacts the way they feel about themselves and how being treated with respect, care and love might be experienced. The programme uses a combination of exercises, creative activities, self-reflection, light research and discussion to develop learning, awareness and understanding of this complex emerging issue. The programme has an accompanying workbook.

The Escape the Trap programme is accredited by ASDAN.
ASDAN credits are now awarded to young people completing Escape the Trap in ASDAN registered schools, colleges, training provisions, prisons, charities and youth organisations. Find out more about ASDAN

This three-day CPD certified facilitator training is accessible to those working in schools, youth settings, youth offending, therapeutic services, YP support services, CSE teams, CYP integrated teams or specialist DV or SARC services. Facilitators will learn how to run this programme in groups or apply the learning one to one, exploring ways to address the difficult and sensitive issue of teenage relationship abuse in an interactive way using experiential activities and self-reflection. Prior to the event the first three chapters of the manual will be sent to trainees, so they

have an idea of the programme prior to training. It would be useful for trainees to have done some research on teenage relationship abuse so that they come prepared with a basic understanding of the issues.

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