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Clare Walker Consultancy Expert speaker, Panel member, Guest speaker or Conference host, available for events across the UK and Internationally.  

Expert Speaker on Domestic Abuse 
As an expert in the field of domestic abuse you can book Clare Walker of Clare Walker Consultancy for a plethora of roles including: Expert speaker, Panel member, Guest speaker or Conference host. This could either be to lead, organise and facilitate a Conference on your behalf all the way through to attending a Panel discussion, opening your event with a Guest Speaker slot, or speaking as an Expert Speaker at events you’re hosting.

As an Expert Speaker Panel member or event host – you can rely on Clare Walker Consultancy to provide a professional service and provide the highest level of expertise in the field of Domestic Abuse. As a survivor having gained a wealth of knowledge through over 20 years experience of working with victims, perpetrators and professionals. Also, developing and setting up projects regarding domestic abuse both locally and nationally. Creating good practice operationally and strategically. Clare will deliver beyond your expectations.

Given a time, date, location and length of presentation or event Clare Walker Consultancy would be more than happy to support via participation of your event. You can see from Clare’s experience that her expertise and knowledge can be tailored to meet your audiences’ and the events’ outcome – with ease.

Previous Events & Speeches
Clare has proudly led and hosted many events and conferences both in the UK and internationally. Here’s just a few of the events Clare has either appeared as Guest speaker, led a conference or starred as a performer!

Expert Speaker The Court Said Rally Parliament Square, Expert Speaker at the Stand Up To Domestic Abuse 2019 Conference, 
Expert Speaker at Domestic Abuse Conference for the Equality D
iversity UK Network Manchester, Expert Speaker Glasgow Freedom Programme Conference. Leicester Conference: Effects on the Children and the The Black and Blue Mononlogues.

All in these events form part of Clare’s ongoing mission – which is to raise awareness of domestic abuse and bring about change for victims be they adults or children. See NOMORE Campaign 

Not sure that Clare is the right fit for your event? Or that your event isn’t quite in the realms of domestic abuse? Why not contact Clare to discuss, no offence taken if no booking is made, Clare is always happy to assist to help you make your event all you had hoped it would be!

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